Two days earlier I was the end in the woods at the crack of dawn, listening to cacophony of noises that only happens early on in the morning in the woods. Together I was enjoying the crisp, cool air that brought with that the very an initial signs that fall, i was reminded that life is yes, really worth living.

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I feeling that method when I’m long walking or kayaking, however I additionally feel favor that around food – specifically fresh native the oven chocolate chip cookies. They space so great when the chocolate is melty and also the cookie is soft and the new baked smell is wafting off of it. Yum.

Unfortunately, my dog like cacao chip cookie as lot as i do and also will shot and finagle their method into one. Of course, I’m a responsible dog owner so ns NEVER offer my dogs chocolate. Never ever. Yet if her dog ate a cacao chip cookie right here is what you have to know.

Why cacao is negative for her Dog – Theobromine Toxicity in Dogs



Even with a tiny amount of coco it’s always far better to be safe than sorry. Over there is no such thing as dog for sure chocolate, and seeking professional assist is a good idea once your dog consumes it.

Call your vet with the kind and lot of chocolate your pet has actually consumed or inspect with the Pet poison Helpline in ~ 1-855-764-7661.

If the dose is small, your vet may have you simply monitor her dog. If it to be a larger dose (like castle ate a entirety box of chocolate chip cookies) you may need emergency treatment.

If her dog is showing symptoms of cacao poisoning choose these from pet MD:

VomitingDiarrheaIncreased human body temperatureIncreased reflex responsesMuscle rigidityRapid breathingIncreased love rateLowblood pressureSeizuresAdvanced indicators (cardiac failure, weakness, and coma)

Then take her dog come an emergency vet IMMEDIATELY. Cacao can and does kill dogs when sufficient of it is consumed. It’s no something come play around with.

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There is, however, fake chocolate for dogs as with their is because that humans. Dogs have the right to eat carob there is no danger.

Summary: mine Dog Ate a cacao Chip Cookie!

First, don’t panic. If friend can, discover out precisely how much chocolate your dog ate and when lock ate it. Then speak to your vet or the Pet toxicity Helpline. If your dog is displaying symptom of cacao poisoning take it them come an emergency vet immediately.