Apples make an excellent snacks for united state humans, yet what about guinea pigs? can guinea pigs eat apple, or might it harm them in part way?

The good news is the these cute animals can gain apples, yet should just be served as a special treat. Read on to discover how you deserve to serve your guinea pig apples together a distinct treat, the benefits of apples, and also how come prepare lock for your guinea pig.

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Yes, guinea pigs have the right to eat apples. Apple skin and also flesh are safe for guinea pigs, but seeds need to be avoided since they space a throttle hazard and contain amygdalin, i m sorry deteriorates into hydrogen cyanide. Apples contain Vitamin C however be sure to follow our vet-approved feeding indict to avoid health concerns like obesity and also diabetes.

The sweet taste and sugar included within the apologize can conveniently lead a guinea pig to overeat the fruit, top them come consume far too numerous calories for one day. Lock may get weight because of overeating, which have the right to lead come diabetes, and also other health problems.

Some the the most renowned kinds of to apologize in the civilization are Gala, Red Delicious, and also Fuji. While you may not be able to find these specific kinds all year round, or in your neighborhood region, girlfriend can nearly certainly find some varieties of to apologize in every grocery save throughout the year.

Hay should consist of 80% of your guinea pig’s diet. High-quality hay will support digestive and also dental health and keep her piggy solid and healthy. Check out our guide on how to choose the ideal hay for your piggie.

Health Benefits: are Apples great for Guinea Pigs?

To make the price short and sweet, yes, yet only when served in moderation.

Guinea pigs have actually very certain nutritional needs that need to be met - among which includes vitamin C, and apples occur to be fairly rich in vitamin C.

Apples are good for acquiring this lot needed Vitamin C

Guinea pigs and humans room alike in the sense that castle cannot make their very own vitamin C. Thus, we have to make certain our guinea pigs are gaining adequate amounts of this vitamin.

The most usual method, in the kind of nutritional pellets for cavies come eat or extra additionally . It can also come in the kind of treats choose fresh fruit and veggies.

Vitamin C is crucial for guinea pigs due to the fact that it disclosure the health and also wellness of your skin, mucosal surface such together the gums, and their joints. That is also an important in helping her guinea pig heal in the event he or she sustains one injury.


Without sufficient Vitamin C, guinea pigs are an ext susceptible to infections, skin problems, and also of course, scurvy. Indications that your guinea pig is lacking in vitamin C include:

swollen joints or feetnot eating properlyhas turbulent hair coatbleeds/bruises easilyhas ulcers ~ above the skin or the gumsreluctant to walk

If her pig has any kind of of these indicators they need help from a vet as soon as possible.

Depending on your cavy"s health, the or she needs at least 20-40 mg of Vitamin C every day. This counts on her pig - for instance, a pregnant or emphasize guinea pig will certainly need more than a piggy who is in optimal health condition.

Indeed, apologize are an excellent for getting this lot needed Vitamin C. However, guinea pigs shouldn"t consume fresh fruit and veggies every day, as this place them in ~ a higher risk of coming to be overweight or emerging diabetes.

For a an excellent diet and also to ensure your guinea pig gets enough vitamin C, girlfriend should administer your guinea pigs limitless timothy hay, occasional fresh produce or daily vitamin C supplements.

You should additionally offer high-quality nutritional pellets together a way of offering your pets a complete diet, yet be warned that oxidation occurs, i m sorry diminishes the verity of the vitamin C contained inside the pellet. As a result, make certain you have actually plenty of different ways for her cavy to acquire his or her everyday recommended lot of Vitamin C.

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Apples themselves room not negative for guinea pigs. They will definitely not injury the animal if eaten. The risk of feeding apples to guinea pigs lies in the quantity you feed to your cavy.

A guinea pig can not eat a entirety apple – this is far too much sugar because that the cavy to handle.The guinea pig additionally cannot acquire the proper amount of other crucial nutrients from just eating apples.Apples have to be available in tiny quantities just once a week come ensure the guinea pig avoids consuming too lot sugar, coming to be bloated, or arising diarrhea.

Some varieties of apple the are fairly acidic - such together Granny blacksmith or Pink Lady, and also should it is in avoided. Acidic fruits can cause discomfort and irritation in guinea pigs" mouths. Red delicious is a safe selection that is sweet and not too acidic.

Guinea pigs likewise should avoid eat the seeds of the apple, since big seeds might propose in a choking hazard for little animals. This is why friend should cut the apple right into small, bite-size chunks and also remove the seeds prior to serving.

Apple seeds should be avoided for another reason together well. Over there is a compound referred to as amygdalin in the seeds, which is harmless once seeds room intact, but when the seeds end up being damaged- such as by chewing- amygdalin deteriorates right into hydrogen cyanide.

It is lethal once consumed in high doses. Cyanide is well known as a poison with history, and it functions by disrupting the oxygen it is provided of cells, which can lead to fatality in a issue of minutes when consumed in big doses. Remember, a large dose because that a cavy isn"t much.

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While one to apologize seed might not injury your guinea pig, it"s far better not to take the risk. Just reduced the apple or core it so the no seeds end up top top the food dish, and let her piggy enjoy.