From an write-up in the Monterey Herald - "We have to resolve the resource of an alarm ," claimed Neal, a spokesman because that ... Corp i beg your pardon handles protection at 25 airports. ..."If the source of an alarm is in the bra area, you have to feel that up." ... Rebecca Trexler, a spokeswoman because that the federal Aviation Admin...."If at every possible," Trexler said, "it can be far better for ladies not to wear underwire bras as soon as they room flying." everyone had troubles at defense with underwire bras setup off alarms?
Feb 23rd, 2002, 10:03 AM
Yes, mine underwire bra set off the alarm. It would certainly be unreasonable to intend woman to not wear underwire bras together that is mosty what is accessible today and also most mrs wear lock exclusively.

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Feb 23rd, 2002, 10:45 AM
After the boosted security due to the fact that Sept 11, i bought 2 non-underwires to use specifically for travel. However this can be a trouble - one store I went to (Mervyn"s) had over 200 styles and except for sports-type bras only had seven (7!) non-underwire styles. And only 3 layouts in mine size.
Feb 23rd, 2002, 12:22 PM
Thanks because that the update. I am pretty level chested so I need all the help I can obtain from the underwire. Fortunately, the hasn"t set off any type of alarms yet and also I"ve flown come Germany and Thailand because September 11th. Mine convertible pants with the zip off legs did collection it turn off though. Ns fly again in a couple of weeks, for this reason I"ll view what happens this time.
Feb 23rd, 2002, 12:56 PM
Anna and Susan: it completely depends top top the equiipment (the wand - no yours and how carefully it is tuned. I have flown through numerous airports recently and also some places almost every woman prompted the points while some, nobody did. I would certainly guess the % of ladies wearing underwires to be the exact same - so there is a substantial variance. So simply be prepared to be searched if girlfriend wear one underwire - you cannot decrease - whether the screener is masculine or female.
Feb 23rd, 2002, 01:39 PM
From the very same newspaper article: ...the Assn. Of flight Attendants ... Has actually complained to transportation Secy Minetta that flight attendants have actually been sexually harassed by defense screeners & space being singled out for considerable searches. ... Women are an alleged to be patted under by ladies & guys by men. ... In theory, any type of passenger or crew member have the right to request a exact same sex screener, but that can mean a wait - & a to let go flight... "They"re not trying to touch the chest ... They"re trying come go roughly it. Probably the pinkie slips a little."
I discovered that I have the right to snip the underwires out of my bras and also they still organize their shape. I wear Olga underwire bras with padding. Don"t know just how long it will last in the wash, but seems fine.
This is amazing! I never ever thought around this and also I to be so glad the I have actually read this.We space flying in March and I really would like not to have to go through any detailed bra search!So, probably I won"t undertake one at all! Wonder if something monster will occur when we obtain to seafaring altitude,will things change up or down?
There are numerous styles availble there is no underwires. And this is a troll. Every man would have actually been searched due to the fact that of his zipper fly.
Those guys could be searched because of their zipper "fly"--and they choose it and keep your mouth shut;o)
Unfortunately, it is no a troll thread. I have actually seen it several times myself. Don"t recognize if screeners are just taking advantage of the situation but it is happening every day.
I actually have actually some screws in my leg from a really bad break -- haven"t collection off an alarm yet. Sometimes I wear one underwire bra and also sometimes ns don"t, but all the hooks space made out of metal. Are the metal detectors friend walk through and the wands set for sensitivity or amount of metal?
I don"t know about screws in a bone/joint. Yet people with steel rods or joints are an alleged to bring letters from their medical professionals - Several human being (including Congressman Dingle from MI) have actually made stinks about this. However my doctor says this is an extremely common castle have type letters for this an extremely purpose.

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Give me a ticket come Paris and also I"ll inspect on Capo"s concern for united state I"ve flown 10 times because December 10 and also have run right into no problems, questions, untoward feelp-ups from defense agents... What am ns doing wrong??
ROTFLThat stays the question doesn"t it sorry to leave you ... Ummm... Hanging here... Yet c"est la vie

Go to TravelSmith and order one of their quick-dry execution of the strong bra. For larger sizes, shot Vermont nation Store. And also I know there are others. Hanes/L"Eggs has actually a discount catalogue also, though i don"t understand if it"s on-line -- through many, numerous makes and types of bra.What we provided to call a "sleeping bra" might additionally be precisely what you need, esp. Because that overnight and/or long flights -- comfortable however not the very same as not wearing a bra.I quit using underwire bras a while back and I"m a 36D or 38C (depending top top manufacturer and also style). There are many, plenty of styles the end there, ns promise you, that will flatter or that will certainly be comfortable however that won"t provide the security people a possibility to grope.
I have a Medic-Alert bracelet that always sets turn off the metal detectors, and it"s a pain to take off and put earlier on. Someone proved me that if you placed your hand over her wrist, it typically won"t set it off. My earrings don"t usually collection off the alarms, so doubt if studded body components will, although who knows if you have 18 in a row somewhere?

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