So I job-related as a cashier at a super-market, and a guy (looked about 25) come up with 2, 6 packs of St Pauli NA, and also that to be it. The means our registers work-related is, right once you scan an age-restricted item, the display screen locks and also gets spanned by a window that claims Age limited Product: DoB should be before 1992 - |Confirm| and then proceeds to ask you to enter the actual DoB. Well ns scanned his the Pauli NA through and also it scanned v as if it was choose a bottle of coke (I tho ID'd him). No messages or anything. When I clocked out, i picked up a 6 pack and also I watched the display as she scanned it, no period warning. This is in NH, USA by the way. For this reason is there no age limit ~ above "Non-Alcoholic" beer?

PS the tasted like shit


From my experience, friend still have actually to meet the legal age to purchase.

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I worked for a height winery for a while, and also we had actually a an extremely popular non-alcoholic. Friend still had to be 21 come buy it because, while the is labeled "non-alcoholic," there is still alcohol in it.

This is the situation with most NA beers, as far as I'm aware. The contents just has to be below a certain level by law, however may be between that and zero.

Ill have to shot it out at a different supermarket, that is weird the it didnt make me ask for id or anything

This to be my biggest pet peeve as soon as I was under 21. The beer says "non-alcoholic" however anywhere girlfriend tried to buy it, they would certainly still card you and refuse to market it to you if you were under 21. For the record, this remained in California.

I concerned the conclusion the like plenty of things, "non-alcoholic" is simply a legal term that way "less than .5% ABV and also has no bearing on even if it is something is, or isn't, beer.

i make the efforts to once i was 18, they i will not ~ let me. Even though the is considered "non-alcoholic" there is tho alcohol in it. Its idiocy.

I think it really depends on the store you buy the at. The save I occupational at (BevMo) is normally fairly laid back on the N/A products. However, most Safeway stores will still ask because that ID because that N/A beer.

However, and also technically, minors need to not be able to buy N/A beer. They every contain 'less 보다 0.5% alcohol', meaning that over there is still alcohol. That really counts on the company's policy.

You don't need any ID come buy alcohol under 0.5% in the UK, so this includes shandy and things like chocolate with alcohol in it and non-alcoholic beer.

You may acquire asked for ID simply since it's beer but if you suggest out it's non-alcoholic you're fine

Surprised no one has answered this yet. It depends on what state you are in. In CO wherein I live, you deserve to buy NA beer if you are underage. In various other states you cannot. The really counts on the laws where friend live.

i always thought no (and as soon as i functioned at a liquor save no one ever tried). But then recently i started seeing it on supermarket shelves alongside the fancy iced teas and lemonades..

In PA girlfriend will get carded, I've checked out it happen. I even got carded when I purchase some cooking sherry (no alcohol) from the grocery store.

Further, i was carded because that buying spray repaint at wal mart, too. So. PA is fucked up.

You probably acquired carded because that the NA beer simply since it to be beer, you more than likely don't technically need ID because that it.

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The spray repaint is to stop graffiti though, it's fairly common to see world get ID'd because that it at the very least in the UK


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