I have actually a evade Caravan 2008 3.3L and the ceramic of one spark plug break and also pop out leaving the hole totally free in the cylinder. I desire to gain my automobile to the garage close to ( 7-8km ). As soon as I begin the engine I have the right to hear the air/gas mixture forced through the hole and the vehicle don"t the very same power as useall. It"s odor gasoline a little too.

I deserve to drive come the garage choose that or must be tow?


Do no drive the car.

The reason you have the right to smell petrol is since unburnt fuel is escaping with the hole.

If enough fuel wait mix collects under your hood and also it find a spark or ignition source, you hazard a fire under your bonnet.

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Because it will be in vapour type if it does ignite you have the right to reasonably suppose a fireball, complied with by the vehicle catching fire.

Dont do it. Its not worth the risk.

Other options are:

Get that towed.Get a mechanic to concerned you. Change the spark plug you yourself or ask a girlfriend to help.

If you have to pay to obtain it towed, phone call a cell phone mechanic to involved you may expense less.

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Get the automobile picked increase or towed to a garage.

If you"re lucky the totality ceramic and electrode component of the plug will have actually blown the end leaving simply the thread. Hope nothing has actually dropped into the cylinder as this can reason a lot of damage.

The garage will must remove the remaining spark plug threads native the cylinder head.. Hopefully they"ll come the end easily.. But do be ready as occasionally the threads are seized right into the cylinder head and it may be essential to remove the cyl head to execute the job.

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If you have to drive the be sure to disconnect the fuel injector wiring harness for the cylinder (if equipped).

This will protect against fuel from venting into the instant vicinity that the hot engine.

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