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Is it possible or is anyone mindful of an instance where someone had the two of exact same credit map product?

Yes, countless credit map companies allow you to have more than one of the exact same card. Personally, I have actually two lid One QS. I have actually seen several people withmultiple BoA BBRs. I cannot check all companies enable this, however many do.


Yes, it"s somewhat common. There room some cards that civilization have used for again and also again because that the signup bonus or for various other rewards (Bank of America much better Balance Rewards is a element example). It likewise happens when people do product changes(particularly indigenous a card through an yearly fee come one with a lower or no fee) or when lenders buy various other lenders and also the cards space converted (I had 4 funding One Platinum cards because of this in ~ one point).
Having 2 of the very same card is typically of tiny benefit, however it really pays off when the card has a spending limit on a bonus category. One instance is Chase flexibility with that $1500 per 4 minutes 1 limit. An additional is Amex BCP/BCE with their $6000 per year border on groceries. Having two of the exact same card doubles your limit.
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UpperNwGuy wrote:Having two of the exact same card is usually of small benefit, however it yes, really pays off when the card has actually a spending border on a bonus category. One example is Chase freedom with its $1500 per quarter limit. One more is Amex BCP/BCE v their $6000 every year limit on groceries. Having two the the exact same card doubles your limit.Yep.SamewithDiscover.AlthoughthecorrectwaytouseDiscoveristogetanewoneeachyear(theyletyouhavemaxtwocardsatatime)soyougetthedoublecashbackallthetime.
MrDisco99 wrote:Backinthegoldenageofchurning,peoplewouldgetthesamecardoverandoveragainasquicklyastheycouldmeetthebonusspend.Nowthatbankshaveruleswhichhaveessentiallyrenderedchurningdead,thepracticeisnotnearlyascommon.Moststilldon"tprohibityoufromhavingmorethanoneofthesameproduct,though.Thatsaid,it"snoteasilyjustifiedtoanissueronareconsoyoumightwanttosavetheHPforsomethingmoreplausible.It may be more an overwhelming and take it awhile longer however churning is certsainly not dead.Currently I have two Citi AA Platinum cards and also two Amex Platinum (regular and Mercedes Benz) cards. Of course that will change but there were valid reasons for me to have two of every of this cards at the very least for awhile.
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Re: two of the same credit card?
I have actually three Quicksilvers. They"re the an outcome of product changes. However their root trace earlier to when funding One sent me three supplies in a little under three years, and also I sent out them in and also got the cards.If you"re walking to have actually cards that room redundant, 1.5% rewards cards that absence redemption constraints work out simply fine.
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