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R422d, Refrigerant R22 instead of

it is in the first to review this product used in Europe for over a decade, R422d refrigerant is the only PROVEN R-22 replacement and also is gift manufactured and also is available in the united States. Ours R422d refrigerant is a true drop-in replacement and no system transforms are required. Don`t worry around oil changes and rest assured R422d refrigerant is an excellent for lid tubes and TXV. It operates at lower discharge pressure and also temperature than R22, i m sorry is good for the compressor. benefits R422d refrigerant is the approved R22 replacement drop- in refrigerant by transport Commercial. R422d refrigerant operates in R22 equipment without request an oil change to expensive synthetic oil. R422d refrigerant has actually the advantage of lower power consumption. R422d refrigerant operates at close to capacity that R22. R422d refrigerant operates at reduced discharge pressure & temperatures in order to reducing compressor workload. R422d refrigerant can be mixed with R22 without any system performance troubles (if a service tech, inadvertently mixes the 2 refrigerants). R422d refrigerant has been operation in all types of systems with all species of compressors worldwide for the previous 10 years. No other R22 alternative refrigerant deserve to make this claim. R422d refrigerant is developed in Texas, the UK and also China. type and description R422d refrigerant is a no flammable mix of HFC 125, HFC 134a, n-butane, isobutane and also isopentane i m sorry is zero ODP. It is compatible through both timeless mineral and synthetic lubricants so that a retrofit is no required. The hydrocarbons in RS-44 improve the oil return to the compressor to prolong the life the the compressor. R422d refrigerant is a straight replacement because that R22, providing an easy and in ~ the same time a lengthy term solution. Due to the fact that there is no must use expensive and hygroscopic artificial lubricants (POE), the hazard of moisture ingress into a refrigeration device is totally avoided. R422d refrigerant has considerably lower discharge temperatures and pressures 보다 R22 which gets rid of the trouble of oil decomposition and improves the coefficient the performance and also saves wear top top the compressor. Applications R422d refrigerant is suitable for usage as a replacement because that R- 22 in currently residential, commercial and industrial wait conditioning and also refrigeration systems, and appliances. service Work since it is a blend, it is recommended the R422d refrigerant it is in charged into systems together a liquid as opposed come the gas phase. Due to the fact that there is no need to change the currently lubricant, RS-44 is simple to use, as the complying with procedure outlines. Lubricants R422d refrigerant is compatible through both mineral and also alkybenzene oils discovered in R22 systems, and also with the polyolester lubricants. Therefore, over there is no require to change the lubricant return compressor manufacturers" recommendations concerning lubricity must be followed. materials Compatibility R422d refrigerant is compatible with all materials commonly used in refrigeration systems previously charged with R22. In general, products which room compatible with R22 deserve to be supplied with RS-44. Lt is recommended to examine equipment manufacturer"s retrofit literature and also obtain referrals from equipment manufacturers through regard come materials" compatibility. environmental Data nobody of the components of R422d refrigerant contains chlorine so that it has no capability to deplete the ozone layer.

As with all hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), R422d refrigerant does have a direct worldwide warming potential (GWP), however this is counterbalanced by its lower complete Equivalent Warming impact (TEWI).

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Test have displayed that R422d refrigerant has a greater Coefficient of power (COP) than R22 in a selection of applications including commercial refrigeration systems and also heat pumps, both in the heating and also cooling mode.