“Thus” deserve to mean “in this way” or “like this.” the can additionally have the same meaning as the native “consequently,” “therefore,” and “as a an outcome of.”

Knowing when a comma is required with words “thus” depends in part on which definition is used.

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Sometimes, even if it is or no to usage a comma is a concern of style and not of exactly or not correct punctuation. This is the case with some usages of “thus.”

Figuring out once to use a comma before or ~ “thus” deserve to thus be tricky, yet with a few guidelines in mind, you can number it out!


6 What are “strong” and also “weak” breaks or interruptions?7 do you need a comma v “and thus”?

Do you require a comma before or after “thus”?

When “thus” is offered to typical “in this way,” it does not require commas before or after ~ it.The remainder of the guidelines listed below refer to once “thus” is offered to mean “consequently.”

In a sentence with two independent clauses that are joined by “thus,” you require a semi-colon prior to it, not a comma. Girlfriend usually require a comma ~ it.

At the beginning of a sentence, that is usually followed by a comma.

When “thus” introduce a gerund or a gerund phrase, a comma is needed before “thus” yet not after ~ it.

In the middle of one independent clause that that is interrupting, “thus” need to be collection apart with a comma top top either next of that if the is a strong break or interruption.

If that is a weak rest or interruption, the does not commas.

This is likewise true as soon as “thus” comes in between a help verb and also a key verb.

When “thus” method “in this way” or “like this”


Here space a couple of examples of exactly how “thus” would be used in a sentence v this meaning. Note that a comma does not come before or after “thus” because that this usage:

He became took in in the book, and while the was for this reason distracted, his house burned down.

When 2 independent clauses room joined through “thus”


“Thus” is a conjunctive adverb. This means that it deserve to act choose a coordinating conjunction in joining 2 sentences.

Remember, a coordinating associate is a word prefer “and,” “but,” or “or” the joins 2 independent clauses or complete sentences to make one sentence.

“Thus” way “consequently” in these varieties of sentences. Here is an example of “thus” being provided in this way.

You need a semicolon before “thus,” and usually, a comma should come after ~ it.

It rained hard all day; thus, we can not pat outside.

“Thus” in ~ the start of a sentence

“Thus” at the beginning of a sentence is usually adhered to by a comma, yet it does not always have come be.

It is similar to the over situation with the semi-colon except that, of course, there is no punctuation prior to “thus” due to the fact that it is at the start of the sentence.

The cat had been play all morning. Thus, it slept transparent the afternoon.

Remember the even though there might not it is in a strict punctuation rule for some comma usage, different teachers, style manuals, organizations and companies may have secondary rule they prefer to usage for this optional instances to save writing consistent.

Introducing a gerund or another collection of words


When “thus” is offered to typical “consequently” or “as a an outcome of” and also introduces a gerund or a gerund phrase, a comma is necessary before it yet not after it. Words “thereby” could be offered interchangeably in these varieties of sentences.

Here are some examples:

She gave the to win answer, thus ending the competition.

What space “strong” and also “weak” division or interruptions?


This refers to whether the use of the word “thus” significantly interrupts the flow of a sentence or is used for emphasis. Once this is the case, it is a solid break and also needs a comma.

If “thus” does not substantially interrupt the sentence, the is a weak break, and it can not need a comma.

Comma usage in these cases is rather subjective. You have to be mindful though due to the fact that in the situation of a strong break or interruption, if you leave the comma out, it will certainly be noticeable.

Let’s look at at part examples.

In the sentence below, putting commas roughly “thus” assist emphasize the importance and tragedy of the consequence.

The king never received the message of surrender. His whole country, thus, visited war because that no reason.

Here’s an example where you probably don’t require a comma roughly “thus.”

Rahul do apple pies every day. His house hence smelled of cinnamon and also cooked apples.

Once again, an alert that the subtle difference in between using a comma v a solid or weak interruption has to do in part with emphasis and the importance you are giving to the consequence.

It is no really a huge deal if Bob is a tiny bit hungry after ~ work. In comparison, the damage of an entire civilization is much an ext consequential.

Commas, officially register and also humor

A comma about “thus” in the sentence about Bob could add humorous focus to the fact of Bob’s hunger.

If friend think about a comma as indicating a stop in speech, imagine just how you could say these two sentences differently:

Bob forgot his lunch and was for this reason starving by the time he acquired off work.

Using a formal register in an informal situation can be a method of speak humorously because it helps you exaggeration the consequences of a situation.

As we’ll comment on a little bit more below, “thus” is supplied in formal speech.

The 2nd sentence says that Bob’s hunger is no serious, since being hungry ~ skipping one enjoy the meal is usually relatively trivial.

However, it might be other Bob’s friends furious him about taking really seriously.

Hearing the difference

Let’s look in ~ one more example whereby “thus” come between verbs. In the advent to this post, friend read:

Figuring out once to usage a comma before or ~ “thus” have the right to thus be tricky.

Do you hear the distinction in emphasis and how the comma can subtly readjust how you read the sentence?


Do you require a comma v “and thus”?


“And thus” might show up at the beginning of a sentence, when connecting two independent clauses or once connecting an elevation clause with a dependent i or link predicate.

The rules for using a comma through “and thus” are regular with those reviewed above.

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“And thus” at the beginning of a sentence

A comma is optional, including greater focus if that is used.

Take a look in ~ the distinction in these 2 sentences. Once again, shot reading them out loud, pausing at the comma: