In our recent question and also answer, the pharmacist discusses whether or no you can take NyQuil through Tamiflu.

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Joanna asked

Hi there:I"ve been prescribed 100mg benzonatate 3x day together with 12h mucinex to combat flu. I have been acquisition tamiflu regularly and also have 2 doses left. Is it for sure to additionally take NyQuil in ~ night because that sleeping?Thank you!

At a glance

over there is no known communication between any of the ingredient in NyQuil and also Tamiflu. Castle are considered safe to take together.



There is no report interaction between NyQuil and also Tamiflu and also they can be safely taken together.

In fact, Tamiflu has very few reported medicine interactions. The prescribing details for the medicine only list one clinically far-reaching drug interaction, the live flu vaccine.<1>

Since Tamiflu decreases viral replication, it might make the live flu vaccine much less effective.

As it comes to other drugs, Tamiflu is not believed to have any far-reaching drug interactions and also is therefore safe through NyQuil.

What Is NyQuil?

NyQuil is a mix product that contains the adhering to ingredients:

Acetaminophen (analgesic) Dextromethorphan (cough suppressant)Doxylamine (sedating antihistamine)

There room no documented interactions in between any that the ingredients had in NyQuil and also Tamiflu.

NyQuil have the right to be effective in dealing with symptoms that the flu (e.g. The aches and also pains connected with it) and you can feel safe utilizing it in addition to Tamiflu.

What Is Tamiflu?

Tamiflu (oseltamivir) is classified together a neuraminidase inhibitor and is indicated by the FDA for both the treatment and also prevention the seasonal flu infections.<2>

Tamiflu is most efficient when take away as quickly as possible after ~ exposure come the flu virus so be sure to walk to your physician if you feeling you have actually been exposed or space in a high-risk setting.<3>

Tamiflu is generally well-tolerated and has very couple of side effects. Nausea and vomiting space the most commonly reported.<4>

Additionally, as mentioned above, that has few clinically significant drug interactions so you have the right to feel safe utilizing OTC (over the counter) medicines (like Tylenol or NyQuil) to aid reduce any kind of symptoms you might be experiencing.

Some studies have reported the Tamiflu does communicate with the medicine probenecid, which is provided to law gout. Acquisition both together have the right to increase Tamiflu concentration in the body, but due to the fact that the drug has such a wide window of safety, no dosage adjustments space necessary.

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Final Words

As Tamiflu is supplied to law an epidemic from the flu virus, it is usual to it is in taken over the respond to cough/cold medicines for symptom relief. Fortunately, Tamiflu is safe to use with most, consisting of NyQuil.