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Yes! You can use a prepaid debit map from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and also Discover to rent and purchase movies with Redbox. The US video clip rental firm has 36,000 automated retail kiosks across the nation where you have the right to rent DVD, Blu-ray, and also 4K UHD movies making use of your prepaid debit map for $1.75 each per day.

You can likewise use her prepaid debit map to present movies with Redbox ~ above Demand. That a pay-as-you-go service, and also that means no monthly subscription fee. Movie rentals are obtainable for affordable prices beginning at $1.99.

Prepaid debit card payments don’t only use to movie rentals through Redbox kiosks or Red-box on-demand. Friend can additionally use them to purchase movies.

What is Redbox?

People everywhere the nation can rent movies v ease many thanks to Redbox. The red cubicle structures have grown in popularity because its start in 2002. You’ll discover them in grocery store stores, street corners, convenience stores, and more.

Unlike streaming sites, such together Netflix and also Hulu, Redbox has a physics presence. It aims to make new releases available to the public for affordable prices and without the need for a monthly subscription through its automatic kiosks and also on-demand service.

You don’t need to have actually a credit card to rental or purchase a movie, although it is a common technique of payment. Swipe her prepaid debit map to pay for the total cost of your rented movies and that’s it. Just make sure there’s enough balance on the map to sheathe the amount.

You’re meant to return the disc by 9:00 p.m. The job after friend rented the movie. You have the right to return the disc to any Redbox kiosk close to you. The doesn’t have to be the exact kiosk whereby you rented the movie. If friend fail come return the disk, you’ll be charged because that extra rental days.

How about Redbox on Demand? once you rental on-demand, you’ll have actually 30 work to watch the movie. You’ll gain 48 hrs to finish it as soon as you start watching. You’ll view how plenty of hours are left in her On-Demand rental ~ above the movie’s information page.

What space the embraced payment options for Redbox rentals?

How to use Redbox there is no a credit transaction card? The answer is prepaid debit cards. Next from the option, Redbox kiosks additionally accept consistent debit cards, and Discover, Mastercard, Visa, and also American Express credit transaction cards. You can also make payments utilizing Redbox cards and touchless payments with mobile wallets. For Redbox movies-on-demand, you deserve to use one of two people a prepaid debit and also regular debit or credit transaction card.

Why use a prepaid debit card to rent movies from Redbox?


Many world prefer prepaid debit cards not only for Redbox rentals but for other purchases also because they’re easy and also convenient come use. Castle work lot like a debit card. However, you can only spend the amount the you load into the card. If her balance in the prepaid debit card is insufficient, you can simply reload the card through the amount friend need.

Financial company providers, credit card companies, banks, and also even retailers sell this form of card. Over there are different ways to pack money top top the card. You have the right to do it through cash, straight deposit, checks, or a money carry from a different account. Part prepaid debit cards fee a fee for every ATM transaction or acquisition you make. Girlfriend may likewise have to pay an activation fee and a monthly business fee.

You deserve to use prepaid debit cards at any vendor that accepts payment networks, such together Mastercard and also Visa. Aside from renting movies from Redbox, you deserve to use her prepaid debit card to shop online or offline, pay bills, eat out, and more.

They have actually expiration dates, too. When it expires, you have to call the map issuer and ask because that a brand-new one, v a brand-new expiration date and also all the accumulation you had on your expired card.

Can you use a friend’s prepaid debit card to pay for your Redbox movie rental?

Yes, you can borrow a prepaid debit card from someone you know and use it to salary for her movie rental. As long as the owner that the card permits you to perform so, there have to be no problem. You can additionally lend her card to someone who wishes to use Redbox.

Pros and Cons of utilizing Prepaid Cards


What space the benefits of making use of a prepaid debit card?

The industry for prepaid debit cards is meant to thrive at a rate of 14.9% native 2020 to 2027. It means more people will usage prepaid debit cards in the comes years. Part benefits the prepaid debit cards encompass the following:

It’s convenient to useYou don’t have actually to carry a lot of cash if you need to go shoppingGetting a prepaid debit map doesn’t need a credit transaction check, i beg your pardon is beneficial if you have a less-than-stellar credit transaction reportIt’s the perfect solution if you’re trying to avoid overspending

What are the flaw of a prepaid debit card?

But similar to everything else, prepaid debit cards additionally come with their own collection of disadvantages.

Purchases or payments made through prepaid debit cards can’t be supplied to develop or repair your credit.They nothing come with many of the features that are available with a checking account like online or mobile banking.There are borders to the quantity you deserve to reload or withdraw.They have expiration dates. You need to request a brand-new card once it expires. Your brand-new prepaid debit card will incorporate the balance, i beg your pardon you had actually on her previous card.They don’t have fraud or liability defense that continual debit cards have under commonwealth law.They don’t need a pin uneven you room using one ATM to access your funds. So, thef can quickly take every the money you have on her prepaid debit card.

How walk Redbox fee your card?


Redbox keeps your client’s convenience as one of their optimal priorities and that’s why they streamlined the processing of the payments.

Your card is charged just once

If you monitor the rental schedule, her card will only be fee once. Her card will be charged once again for additional rental days. Many charges room a thing of the past for Redbox. They changed the means they bill your card. Now, you’ll only be charged as soon as for the complete amount friend owe, which consists of the variety of movies rented and added rental days. The solitary charge applies regardless of how numerous movies girlfriend rent and whether friend return all of them with each other or on various days.

Your map is charged after you return the disc

When you rental Redbox movies and also swipe your card come pay, you i will not ~ be charged ideal away. The lot you owe will continue to be as a pending charge till you return the disc friend rented. Your card will be charged after friend return the disc. It also applies come multiple movie rentals. Her card will certainly be charged after you return the critical disc. The course, the quantity will additionally include added rental days and any purchase you made once you rented a movie.

Can you use your prepaid debit card to purchase gift cards and also promo codes?

Unfortunately, friend can’t use prepaid debit cards to acquisition Redbox e-gift cards and promo codes. The just payment option for together a purchase is through Discover, American Express, Mastercard, or Visa credit card.

What are Redbox gift cards?

A Redbox map is a physics or e-gift card that can be supplied to pay for movie rentals or purchases, as long as it has sufficient balance. You have the right to purchase e-gift cards for you yourself or someone else. Just an essential in the email address of the recipient at the time of purchase. Note, however, the you have the right to only rent two movies in ~ a time once using the Redbox card.

You can use the physics gift map to reserve movies at a kiosk or online via The gift card will certainly be sent to the mailing deal with you listed at the moment of the purchase.

Meanwhile, e-gift cards are noted to friend electronically via the email attend to you detailed at the moment of purchase. They have the right to only be offered for breakthrough movie bookings through, which you will do it then pick up at the kiosk. E-gift card amounts variety between $5 and also $150 in increments the $5. When it’s purchased, yes no means to add to the amount uneven you buy another e-gift card. E-gift cards room non-refundable yet the funds i will not ~ expire. You require to have a Redbox profile to use it.

What room Redbox promo codes?

Promo codes are available in 5,10, 20, and also 50 per package. You deserve to purchase one for you yourself or someone else. Every you must do is vital in her email resolve or that of the recipient at the moment of the purchase. As soon as done, the promo codes will certainly be sent out to your email. If you desire to send the password to various people, you deserve to have them delivered to her email. You have the right to then send the password you desire to offer to the email addresses that your chosen recipients. Promo codes don’t expire but they deserve to only be provided for one-day rentals.

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Redbox is the perfect choice if you desire to rent or purchase movies without payment a monthly subscription fee. The an affordable pay-as-you-go service that’s available across the United says through physics automated kiosks or on-demand streaming service. You deserve to use her prepaid debit card, regular debit card, or credit card to rental or acquisition a movie.