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The episode starts with three members of various factions listening to a one-of-a-kind newscast around an alien message, the very first part that which has been translated to median "coming come play". One of the members is then referred to as to fight aboard an foe ship. She properly infiltrates the ship and also disarms the Captain. The instance is disrupted through a UFO passing as well close come both ships. As soon as the same member comes to, the foe captain detonates the ship.Later, throughout a memorial service for one of his ancestors, Kio Kakuzu finds a cat-like extraterrestrial sitting in ~ the buffet table. The extraterrestrial introduces herself as Elis, and the two have actually a quick conversation prior to Kio accidentally drink beer and also passes out. The following morning, Kio wakes up v a hangover and finds Elis sleeping half naked beside him in bed. Kio"s startled cry wakes her up, and she heals his hangover v a handheld device.Manami Kinjō and Maki Itokazu climate visit Kio, and upon seeing Elis half naked and with cat ears and also a tail, castle misinterpret the situation, thinking that Kio lugged a girl home and forced she to cosplay every night. After finding out that Elis is an alien, castle both abruptly leaving without speak why. Kio walk on a to walk to conference his thoughts and also runs right into Aoi Futaba, that asks Kio on a date. Aoi is interupted through a male in a car who she names as her Uncle. He provides her a journey home.It is later revealed that Manami is in recruiting to become part of the CIA, Aoi is a Momiji for the immigrant Bureau that Japan, and Itokazu is the leader that an organization of SF fans referred to as "Beautiful Contact", and also they are all provided orders to remove Elis.

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We have actually Practicedclose

Kio take away Elis come a movie shoot command by one of his classmates, who is make the efforts to film a sci-fi movie and would like Elis" aid in acquiring footage of aliens without unique effects. Lock decide that Elis looks as well human, and also instead ask she if they can use her ship or she robots. The footage of the ship looks prefer it is being hosted by strings due to its design, and also the robots look more like chibi dolls. They decision to walk for a romantic film. ~ above hearing this, Elis" hormones go berserk and she strikes Kio, something she has done numerous times earlier anytime miscellaneous one has actually said sounds similar to romantic or sex.Meanwhile, Aoi desires to practice food preparation to admire Kio, however due come her constant failures she wastes a many food. At the exact same time, Manami wants to exercise shooting, however she can"t do it in Kio"s backyard. Chaika bring away them come a digital room on plank the mothership, where they can accomplish their particular desires without it bothering anyone. She additionally makes that a point that the Catia there is no mates use it to accomplish their sexual desires throughout heat and also offered if castle would favor to shot it out together well, much to the girls" embarrassment. Aoi asks because that a Kio come be her taste-tester. Manami asks for a shoot gallery through a large assortment the weaponry, and for an M134 Minigun in particular, which turns out to it is in too heavy for she to lift. She asks because that a Kio to assist her background it, that tells her in a very Kio-like manner the he can"t lift it. Manami asks virtual-Kio what he think of assorted people, eventually ending up on herself. The confesses that he once had feelings for her, but when he heard she to be hanging out with Jack (unaware this was her female CIA handler), he assumed she was currently dating someone and she became just a friend.Back at home, Aoi offers the genuine Kio a taste that a recipe she "perfected" through virtual-Kio, only to uncover out the virtual-Kio had actually lied to make Aoi feel great about her cooking. Chaika points the end that virtual-Kio and the real Kio would normally have different thoughts, but Manami still has her doubts. The episode ends through Elis taking pills that will, to her excessive disappointment, prematurely end her first mating season. The illustration ends v her i m so sad calling out to Kio.

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The summer is over, and Kio, Manami and also Aoi all go back to school. To their surprise, they uncover that Elis and Antonia have enrolled in the same course as them, as well as Antonia"s maids. After school, Elis and also Antonia garner excessive amounts of attention to the allude that Antonia"s maids scare off various other students through uzis. Kio"s club-mates ask that if he is going come the film camp, and asks Elis if she would like to walk on the pilgrimage as well. Together a result, Elis, Antonia, Aoi, Manami, and also Antonia"s maids all become members of the movie club with the intention of going come the camp.Meanwhile, a team of Dogisian AssistDroids space robbing surrounding locations of electronic equipment, due to their inability to self-repair. The Dogisian ambassadors disclose a specially make AssistDroid that very closely resembles a Catian AssistDroid.Once at the camp, Antonia provides Elis a variety of high-end swim suits for she to wear. As soon as the various other girls inquire about all of the ones the Elis refuses, Antonia permits them come wear the ones Elis doesn"t like. Later, as soon as they room all reflecting off your expensive swim suits, the girls realize to their dismay the they have actually all had holes reduced in the behind to accommodate Elis" tail, because of one the the girls incorrectly wearing her bottom piece backwards. At dinner, Kio asks if he deserve to talk to Aoi about something in private, however ends up asking if she can teach him come fight. As soon as alone, Aoi realizes that she is the end of her league in the running for Kio. Elis appears, and Aoi takes the end her frustration on her. Suddenly a young girl called Ichika appears, and also at the exact same time, the camp gets assaulted by the Dogisian AssistDroids. They are easily defeated with the assist of some Accel-Form cards that offer Aoi inhanced speed and strength, and later when the specially made Dogisian AssistDroid appears to aid them in their fight.

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Aoi and also Manami decision to have a showdown in a surrounding forest to resolve their differences, yet their enhance is cut quick when they need to join forces to defeat part assassins sent out to take it both out, the winner was as such Manami. In the finish Aoi had actually to express KioKio Kun however doesn"t take notification at every Manami then acted violantly.

The Ultimate very first Assist-a-roid?close

Kio and also friends are visited by Chaika, the an initial Assist-a-roid developed by the Catians, who involved fulfill the last wish of she creators, who died while trying to reach planet 1000 year ago.

We"ve pertained to Aimclose

It"s Christmas and the Catians decision to prepare a special existing to mankind, when Kuune, the captain that the Catian mothership pays a visit come Kio"s house. However, the festivities room interrupted when the Dogisians launch an strike on them.

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With the Catian ship en path of collision v Earth and also Kuune the end of commission, Kio is appointed the new captain of the Catian forces, and he sets v the girl to an exit launch base in Russia as part of their arrangement to aid their friend in space.

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While struggling to save the Catian ship, Manami and also Aoi finally control to convey your feelings come Kio while Elis says that follow to Catians" law, all three can be his lovers. After solving their case in space, the Catians finally unveil their Christmas current to mankind; a completely functional room elevator.