It is polar because it has 3 C-H bonds and 1 C-Cl bond, so whenyou discover the difference of the electronegativity values(C)2.55-(H)2.20=0.35 and also (Cl)3.16-(C)2.55=0.61. So among thearrows for the polarity points towards Chlorine, and the otherthree point towards Carbon from the 3 Hydrogens. The Lewisstructure looks favor this:




H - C - H



So here"s the thing, the Cl is an ext negative than the C becausethe Cl has a higher electronegativity charge. And the C is morenegative contrasted with the H since the C has a higherelectronegativity charge 보다 the H"s. Because of this it is polar whichmeans it has actually exposed end (in this situation the H"s and also Cl) withopposite partial charges.

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