It"s been 12 years since the relax of the classic feel-good family members comedy Cheaper by the Dozen, and the film"s titular household featured 12 children. Look at that parallel, and also let"s run through it! Here"s every the youngsters all get an impression up, ta-dah:

Nora Baker, play by Piper Perabo

Perabo play the earliest Baker sibling, though to many of us, she"ll constantly be Violet "Coyote Ugly" Sanford. In current years, she"s starred in TV series Covert Affairs and also popped up in the strange Bruce Willis/Joseph Gordon Levitt movie Looper. She also likes come share picture of flower on Instagram.

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Charlie Baker, play by Tom Welling

Lorraine to be a fabulous character, even if it"s hard to expropriate Hilary Duff together a "Lorraine," really; she just doesn"t look like one, girlfriend know? Arguably one of the most famed names in the movie at the time, Hilary"s star hasn"t waned because — and in particular, nowadays, she"s going with a twee previous child star"s rebellion aka that dyed hair (and the adult plot lines that function on her brand-new show, Younger). Oh, and also she simply covered, NBD.

Schmidt played 2nd son and also the token chubby Baker; make all the cookie dough jokes, I"m cool through it. (I"ve eaten all the cookie dough though, therefore the hoax is actually on girlfriend all.) He continues to job-related as one actor and producer these days — a bonus funny fact: his brother kendal was one-fourth of young band big Time Rush.

Anyway, a minute because that this revolution please; in fact, let"s have one more then/now face-off:

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Riding high off the nostalgic publicity that came v Missy Elliott"s Super bowl moment, Stoner also released a single, "Pretty Girls," earlier this month. She"s pictured here with other teen star Cody Linley, who additionally had a minor function in Cheaper by the Dozen.

Jake Baker, play by Jacob Smith

While no much longer a Baker* or an gibbs anymore, smith is instead mostly baked this days — in that his Twitter feed is filled v retweets from accounts prefer
ThaStonerNation. (He also enjoys retweeting fans admitting your childhood crush on him, because that kind of thing needs to be nice.)

Like his character from the film, however, he reportedly does quiet skate a bunch, and also skis and also snowboards.

*He does work-related in a pizzeria though.

Jessica Baker, play by Liliana Mumy

Mumy continues to act frequently in TV reflects you maybe, probably haven"t heard of. Her Instagram feed is prototypically twentysomething — food porn, selfies, a cute pet, motivational quotes. Right here she is in ~ this year"s gold Globes:

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York, who"s just graduated native college, describes herself as a writer, feminist, former child star (on her website, she eloquently defined her decision to quit the exhilaration business), and also a Ravenclaw on she Twitter page, which, by the way, is great:

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Are us gonna ignore the truth that Gaston indigenous Beauty and the Beast eats precise 60 eggs because that breakfast every solitary day

— Morgan York 🌻 (

Of the Baker kids, Landis is the black lamb — in that he"s, at the very least comparatively, dropped turn off the network pretty lot entirely. The said, the former child star is cited by numerous sites as a former student the Vincennes university in Indiana; one education history that matches this facebook profile of someone with the same (and, realistically, not specifically common) name. There"s additionally a resemblance, facially, though there"s nothing on Landis"s profile right here to recognize his previous acting gigs. Instead, over there are lots of off-roading trucks and also fishing photos.

Note: has actually reached the end to Landis because that confirmation that, friend know, that is who he is.

Mike Baker, played by Blake Woodruff

Woodruff via Facebook

While countless a perhaps dubious facebook profile features old shirtless shots that Woodruff and his tweeny abs, the most up-to-date photos show up on his girl friend McKayla"s page. Right here they room now, being adorable.

Nigel and also Kyle Baker, play by Brent and also Shane Kinsman

Kinsmans via Twitter

The Kinsmans also played the Scavo pair in Desperate Housewives, prior to that weird flashforward thing the present did. (Teen Wolf hotties the Carver twins climate took over, which nobody is complain about, let"s it is in clear.) Nowadays, Brent and also Shane are seniors in high institution and, their respective Twitters suggest, sporty bro types.

Bonus: Hank (Nora"s boyfriend), play by Ashton Kutcher!

Kutcher (and bonus Kunis) via Anna Webber / Getty Images

That jawline, ns mean, bye.

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