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Installing oil pan and broke among the lengthy bolts on behind of pan. I gained it out and also got one more bolt simply don"t desire to break another one. The publication says 18ft lbs but the other one broke prior to my torque wrench clicked. Simply wanted to recognize what you males think. Thanks

18 ft lb is for every the bolts except the two lengthy bolts, they"re 106 in lb or about 9 ft lb. Been there, done that, lol.
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Thanks. I uncovered the correct specs ~ above the silveradosierra forum. The haynes manual I have has 89in lbs for all other than rear 2 and also 18ft lbs for behind 2. Ns guess somebody got it mixed up.

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damn you damaged one? i stripped my rear cover ~ above the tahoe ns think. Wasnt thinking once I placed it in, one turn to many and she gained loose. Live and also learn lol.
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