Summary: Jordan Belfort (DiCaprio) is the kid of one accountant, hoping to make it big on wall Street together a stockbroker. Following the crash that 1987 Belfort reinvents himself v the assist of Donnie Azoff (Jonah Hill) and also close group of unscrupulous friends, beginning brokerage for sure Stratton Oakmont. Rapidly coming to be wealthy past his wildest dreams, Belfort develops a hard-partying lifestyle that shortly attracts the fist of federal government.

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Year: 2014

Australian Cinema release Date: 23rd January, 2014

Australian DVD relax Date: TBA

Country: Australia

Director: Martin Scorsese

Screenwriter: Terence Winter, Jordan Belfort (book)

Cast: Ashlie Atkinson (Rochelle Applebaum), Jon Bernthal (Brad), Loretta O. Booz (Wendy), P.J. Byrne (Nicky ‘Rugrat’ Koskoff), chris Caldovino (Rocco #1), Katarina Cas (Chantalle), Aya Cash (Janet), Kyle Chandler (Agent Patrick Denham), Kenneth Choi (Chester Ming), Robert Clohessy (Nolan Drager), Shea Coleman (Skylar Belfort (14 months old)), Carla Corvo (Pam), Dan everyday (Honorary Raymond Samitz), Leonardo DiCaprio (Jordan Belfort), Bo Dietl (himself), Jean Dujardin (Jean Jacques Saurel), Christine Ebersole (Leah Belfort), Giselle Eisenberg (Skylar Belfort (4 year Old)), Michael Engberg (Smith), Jon Favreau (Manny Riskin), Danny Flaherty (Zip), Marcus Antonio Gonzalez (Rocco #2), Ted Griffin (Agent Hughes), Jonah Hill (Donnie Azoff), Jake Hoffman (Steve Madden), Christina Jeffs (Venice), Spike Jonze (Dwayne), Dustin Kerns (Ben Jenner), Stephen Kunken (Jerry Fogel), Stephanie Kurtzuba (Kimmie Blezer), Aaron Lazar (Blair Hollingsworth), Ben Leasure (Brantley), Fran Lebowitz (Honorary Samantha Stogel), Joanna Lumley (Aunt Emma), J.C. MacKenzie (Lucas Soloman), Johnnie Mae (Violet), Rizwan Manji (Kalil), Matthew McConaughey (Mark Hanna), Madison McKinley (Heidi), Mackenzie Meehan (Hildy Azoff), Cristin Miliroti (Teresa Petrillo), Ron Nakahara (Rocky Aoki), Michael Nathanson (Barry Kleinman), Sandra Nelson (Aliyah Farran), Dierdre Reimold (Nicole), rob Reiner (Max Belfort), Margot Robbie (Naomi Lapaglia), Barry Rothbart (Peter DeBlasio), Brian Sacca (Robbie ‘Pinhead’ Feinberg), Jon Spinogatti (Nicholas the Butler), Ethan Suplee (Toby Welch), Natasha Newman thomas (Danielle Harrison), Emily Tremaine (Cristy), Shea Whigham (Captain Ted Beecham), Joe Zaso (Bernardo), Henry Zebrowski (Alden ‘Sea Otter’ Kupferberg)

Runtime: 180 mins


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David Griffiths:

First ns do have to admit a real predisposition when ns am reviewing The wolf Of wall Street – i am one avid young name Scorsese movie and additionally an avid Leonardo DiCaprio, yes ns have remained in heaven for the past couple of years if they are collaborated with each other on five films. And also yes while films such as Shutter Island and The Departed would make mine ‘Greatest Films ever Made’ list, i am no biased enough to recognize that these two have actually made part ordinary films together, specifically The Aviator.

So whereby does The wolf Of wall Street to the right on the Leonardo DiCaprio/Martin Scorsese scale. Fine to be honest it is quite bloody high up, due to the fact that this is a good… no do that… great film. But to preface the I must say this film does go above and past to get its R18+ rating since Scorsese has pretty much made a film around a people of sleaze.

Under Scorsese’s wonderful direction DiCaprio theatre Jordan Belfort, a young guy who is introduced into the civilization of wall surface Street finance through the ‘out there’ mark Hanna (Matthew McCounaughey) that teaches Jordan the things he requirements to succeed room cash, drugs and sex… and that you obtain them anyway friend can.

Jordan’s first journey into wall surface Street despite doesn’t critical after the crash the 1987 and also soon Hanna disappears out of the photo and Jordan is left come resurrect himself, this time v a backyard procedure that nice much just sells worthless penny deals. But Jordan watch promise in that and also soon he, and his brand-new found friend the according to Donnie Azoff (Jonah Hill), begin their brand-new operation that has the sole aim that making castle money.

Once Jordan is once again affluent he again reaches wall surface Street doing illegal deal after illegal deal while his weaknesses room still cash, drugs and also sex… this time with his future wife, the beautiful Naomi Lapaglia (Margot Robbie). Everything is going well till a federal Agent (played through Kyle Chandler) beginning sniffing roughly Jordan and intends to bring him down.

With The wolf Of wall surface Street Scorsese is as soon as again in ~ the top of his game. He is cunning with the means that he tells this story – correctly at times he glorifies the sick way of life that Jordan lives, however he additionally dramatically mirrors the fence of this way of living to the suggest where everyone watching the film would be an you are fool to desire to get affiliated in the finance world. At times Jordan appears to it is in a God, however that photo is shattered as soon as Scorsese allows the grime to reach the surface in shocking plot such together seeing Jordan punch his wife in the stomach. Those that criticize The wolf Of wall surface Street and suggest out that Scorsese is trying to glorify this film room on the dorn track totally because that is make the efforts to execute anything yet that.

The critics that have actually pointed the end that Scorsese goes back and reuses several of his old Goodfellas format are right, but constantly the inventor Scorsese likewise uses comedy come full affect in The wolf Of wall Street… probably to give his audience a remainder from the onslaught, while he is also an innovative in the way that he allows Jordan to narrate this film, especially in the sense that Jordan appears to be able to pick and choose what that feels the audience will certainly understand. He may be in his seventies but at least Scorsese is still a director willing to try new things.

Once again Scorsese additionally gets the ideal out the Leonardo DiCaprio. Similar to he walk in Django Unchained DiCaprio relishes the fact that he gets to pat an unlikable personality here and he is fine deserved of every the awards he has actually been nominated for. But this isn’t just the DiCaprio show, oh no Matthew McConaughey steals the display with his quick performance, Kyle Chandler is once again smooth in his role while Jonah Hill provides more than just comedic relief mirroring that he is a real dramatic actor this days. However the person that deserves a huge tick for The wolf Of wall Street is Australian actress Margot Robbie who shows that she is an ext than simply a nice face and also delivers part intense acting during her sometimes vicious scenes through DiCaprio. Yes she well and truly deserves she ‘star on the rise’ label.

As aforementioned The wolf Of wall Street is no a movie that will certainly be delighted in by all. It is a powerful, and also yes at times graphic film. It may be a tiny long (some that the scene wouldn’t have actually suffered if the editor had actually been a bit an ext brutal) however this film as soon as again shows why boy name Scorsese is a life legend once it comes to filmmaking.

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