Similar words:city state,quality standards,static electricity,city slicker,seniority system,felicitate,state,resuscitate.Meaning:n. A state consists of a sovereign city city state. N. A state consisting of a can be fried city.

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2. They additionally took turns administering the city-state, illustration lots to clear up who would take on i beg your pardon job.
5. It"s essentially a city-state associated to the human being not by sea lanes however by cable transfers and airplanes.
7. The brash city-state of Dubai, one of the 7 statelets that comprise the united Arab Emirates, expects come inaugurate the world"s tallest building, the 160-storey Burj Dubai, in 2009.
8. The city-state additionally offers one incredible array of grants and also related schemes to provide an essential capital for providers in their developmental years.
9. A plain called Olympia, in the little city-state the Elis to be the site of the initial Greek games.
11. Bremen, a city-state, desires a climate in which such pronouncements room too evident to be precious making.
12. And large-scale city-state war may erupt at any kind of time more, let entirety game happen queasy and ankylose the highest possible balance that achieves game fun and commercial value.
13. The city-state no longer wants to rely on water from Malaysia when the present water-supply agreement between the two nations expires in 2061.
15. The biggest ruler that this city-state to be Pacal, who took power in 603 A.D. And commenced a building and construction boom that architecturally innovative buildings that lasted through and also beyond his 68-year reign.
16. The city-state does things their very own way, the non-unification crowned head, in between the city-state the battle is unceasing.
17. The old realm of Caledor was overshadowed by other realms consisting of the fast-rising mercantile city-state that Lothern.
19. Aristotle lived at the digital cusp that the civilization of the autonomous city-state of the Greek polis.
20. The company says the increase in high-end properties in the city-state has actually made because that a rewarding dynamic.
21. Investors and economists alike space taking this as a sign that the once-booming city-state is in deep financial trouble – for this reason yesterday"s plunge ~ above the FTSE.
22. Or, as man Perry Barlow of the digital Frontier foundation predicted last year: "We"re going earlier to the city-state.
23. And there is lot in his writing that recalls the kind of extraordinary virtues and capacities of the citizens of the ancient republican city-state.ptcouncil.net/city-state.html
24. The structure of the Republic that Singapore created the city-state together a representative democracy.
25. "If castle don"t acknowledge the brand, they don"t walk with the door, " agreed Linda Switzer, head of sleeve at wynn Macau, a gambling will on the island city-state.
26. Socrates passed away when golden age Athens – one ambitious, radical, visionary city-state – had actually triumphed as a leader that the world, and then over-reached herself and begun to crumble.
27. Sim said he plans come train every 5,000 restroom cleaners in the small city-state and raise their average monthly wage to $598 us from the ahead $472.
28. The agency producing and also managing multiple accessory of tools, consisting of the putty knife, and also anointed bricklaying city-state, knife, brush, roller, etc.
29. The protagonist of final Fantasy versus XIII , Noctis is the last heir come the Caelum dynasty, which rules end the only remaining city-state to manage the Crystals.

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