Hello other penguins! now I will be showing how to obtain into the EPF there is no an invite from an additional player!

Step 1. Walk to the town and also enter the Coffee Shop.

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Step 2. Go into the Library upstairs.

Step 3. Push this switch down in the lower right corner. 

Step 4. Open up Yearbook 2009 – 2010 and also go come the June 2010 page.

Step 5. Click the circled letters. 

Step 6. Click the phone. 

Step 7. This blog post will appear. Click go There. 

Step 8. Throw a Snowball in ~ the target beside the screen.

Step 9. Waddle to the green square.

Step 10. Currently run come the red square as rapid as possible.

Step 11. Currently hide in the circled area below and throw a snowball at camera 2. 

Step 12. Litter a snowball at the fuse box without waddling to the blue square. Friend can likewise throw a snowball at the blue square.

Step 14. Her score will certainly be displayed on the screen and also a door will present up. Go into the door and you will be required to the EPF command room. You room now component of the EPF.

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