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In South-Eastern Europe, in between Macedonia and also the Adriatic sea is a tiny country dubbed Albania. Its size is 11,100 sq mi with a populace of approximately 3 million.Albania’s Mediterranean climate causes sunny, dried summers and mild, merganser winters. The spring and autumn periods offer the ideal weather because that travel and also outdoor activities.Albania possesses pristine beaches, mountains, eco-friendly scenes, and historical cities. Did you know that the nation is residence to Lake Ohrid, among Europe’s oldest and deepest lakes? With no recognized official religion, Albanians still practice their beliefs. An ext interestingly, Albania is renowned for its religious tolerance among its primary Muslim and also Christian nationals.If you discover yourself in an Albanian ceremony, expect many hospitality and generosity. Also, prepare come eat many fruits, spices, vegetables, seafood, and also dairy.

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Algeria is the largest African country and the second-largest amongst countries that start with the letter A. It’s located in the north African an ar where it borders the Mediterranean Sea come the north. Sahara, the second biggest desert in the world, is just one of the country’s main attractions.Algeria has actually a gentle Mediterranean climate, similar to that of California, US. Algiers, the capital, was founded during the ottoman Empire’s ascendancy of the region. To this day, Turkish design and background still dot the city. Another city of note is Constantine, established by the roman inn Empire and also named after ~ Emperor Constantine. About 99% that Algerians are Muslims v Arabic culture dominating the scene. The country additionally prides itself together a confluence the Turkish, Roman, African, and French cultures.


Andorra is the world’s just co-principality, definition that the is jointly rule by 2 princes. Nestled in the Pyrenees Mountains and bordering France and Spain, this is among the smallest countries in Europe.Other 보다 the glacial sceneries and beautiful landscapes the come by default, Romanesque architecture, exotic dishes, plenty of ski and also hiking resorts are irresistible. Also, shoppers enjoy the shortest value-added taxation in Europe.The mountain climate in the area with ideas of the Mediterranean climate leader to hot summers and also winters that rarely drop listed below 23o F. Spring and also fall endure the most heavy rains.Andorra’s culture is influenced by the Romans and the surrounding countries. This comprises the a mix of classical and contemporary music, Catalan dances, varied folklore, literature, and rich cuisine.


Angola is one oil-rich African country located in the Southern part of the continent. Luanda, situated along the Atlantic Ocean, is the country’s biggest city and a major seaport in the region. The majority of Angolans room Christian, fifty percent of these being roman Catholics. Portuguese and African traditions conquer both urban and also rural cultures in the nation. The nation has a diverse climate due to its distinctive geographical location. The lies within the influence of the Kalahari Desert, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Congo forest. Temperature in the an ar averages at about 600 F in winter and also 700 F in summer. Fun fact: The Cabinda province, among Angola’s wealthiest regions, is an enclave; it is located within the territories of two various other nations; the 2 Congos. 

Antigua and also Barbuda

Photo by Dr. WarnerThis uniquely named nation is located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean sea. It consists of several islands, v Antigua and also Barbuda being the largest and most populated.The country enjoys a tropical climate with hot and humid weather every year round. If planning her vacation to the island, it would certainly be wise to stop June through November. This is the hurricane season which can cripple the islands’ infrastructure. West African and British influence comprise the country’s cultural practices. Christianity is the region’s key religion through Rastafari and also Islam also being practiced in some places.Boat racing, soca music, surfing, and also festivals are among the country’s key attractions. Additionally, the nation is recognized for its numerous famous luxury resorts, sun, and sandy beaches.


Argentina is the largest Spanish speaking nation. That occupies many of the Southern component of the southern American continent, bordering Chile and the Atlantic Ocean.Argentina is a megadiverse country; the is no only house to many of the earth’s species but additionally harbors diverse location-specific species. Remarkable features encompass national parks, organic monuments, nationwide reserves, attractive cities, spectacular landscapes, ski resorts, hill peaks, and also extensive beaches.The country’s culture is a blend of Italian, Spanish, and other european heritages with a dash of American Indian. Argentines are mainly Roman Catholic however other Christian denominations and other religions likewise have followers.Due to its huge expanse from phibìc to South, varied altitude and also the presence of relief features, Argentina’s climate is diverse. The 4 seasons, therefore, feature different weather conditions.


Armenia is a Western asian country well-known for the ancient cultural heritage. This west Asian nation was the an initial to take on Christianity together a state’s religion. The bulk speak Armenian yet the Russian language and culture are additionally rampant.Here, the climate is highland continental with very cold winters and also dry clear summers. Many visitors in the country pertained to see the millennia-old churches and to ski and also snowboard. Its geography is largely mountainous v Mount Ararat as the highest possible peak. At 5165 meters, the hill is a hikers’ paradise with summer together the favorite time to with the top. Fun Fact: Did you understand that Mt. Ararat is established by some as the biblical “mountains that Ararat”? This would make it the resting location of Noah’s Ark.


This is the sixth-largest nation in the world and also the largest amongst countries that begin with the letter A. Due to the fact that it is a continent with several Islands, Australia’s climate is a mix of subtropical, oceanic, Mediterranean, and also arid come semi-arid variations.Geographically the nation is isolated, offering it diverse species of plants and fauna the are unique to the nation. Most Australians live in the urban areas, leaving huge tracts that land for wildlife choose kangaroos, koalas, emus, and also wombats come roam in.The Australian society is a mix of Aboriginal, Western, and Asian influences. The ar enjoys spiritual freedom through the bulk of people being Christians. The country’s Sydney Opera House, the great Barrier naval Park, and dozens of national parks are great tourist magnets.


Austria is a central European country whose funding Vienna is arguably Europe’s facility of music, philosophy, and also architecture. Viena is renowned because that its old architecture and also for being the funding of the roman Empire.Geographically, the country is in ~ the facility of Europe, making the a social hub. German is the country’s most talked language through Hungarian, Slovene, and Croatian cultures additionally being of an excellent impact. Austria is predominantly a Christian nation with Muslim areas making up approximately 8% of the population. Restaurants and food bazaars are dominated by the sweet odor of beef, pork, veggies, and also pastries. About two-thirds the Austria lies within the Alps, do the climate cool and temperate. Winter are very cold v lows the 300 F, while summers are warm averaging at 800 F. 


One the the lesser-known countries, Azerbaijan borders Armenia and also the Capsian Sea. Its geography is conquered by the sea, mountain ranges, and huge flatlands in the country’s central region.Its location in between Europe and also Asia put the country at the crossroads of diverse climate zones. Nine out of the possible eleven climatic zones in the world are found within the country. Mean temperatures variety between 390 F and 790 F. The population is largely Azerbaijanis with various other nationalities making a sizable number. Music, literature, and also folk arts in the country is rich and also comes with facets of the old world and especially in the capital, Baku.

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Fun Fact: How tea is offered in Azerbaijan can tell you exactly how a partnership is fairing. Tea through sugar means you room on the appropriate path. If without, then you should do better.