One of the many iconic moments from Mick Jagger’s and David Bowie’s 1980s careers is the video clip for their tune “Dancing in the Street.” In 2011, Peter Griffin mocked the video clip in an illustration of Family Guy. In 2016, Jagger questioned how that felt around Bowie’s music and also the somewhat notorious video.

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Mick Jagger the The rojo Stones | night Standard/Getty Images

How Mick Jagger and David Bowie obtained along in the 1980s

In a 2016 Rolling stone article, Jagger debated his friendship v Bowie, who had actually recently died. He stated they witnessed each various other as competitors, however that competition never ever overwhelmed them. “We were really close in the ’80s in new York,” that recalled. “We’d hang the end a lot and go the end to dance clubs. We were very influenced by the new York downtown scene ago then.

“That’s why ‘Let’s Dance‘ is my favorite tune of his — it reminds me that those times, and it has actually such a good groove,” Jagger revealed. “He had actually a chameleon-like capability to take it on any type of genre, constantly with a distinct take, musically and also lyrically.”

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What Mick Jagger believed after he and also David Bowie completed their version of ‘Dancing in the Street’

Jagger additionally revealed what he believed of the “Dancing in the Street” video. “My favorite storage was the moment we did ‘Dancing in the Street’ together,” the said. “We had to document the song and film the video all in one day. Us walked straight from the studio ~ above the set of the video. At the end of the day, we were saying, ‘See, it have the right to be done! Why space spending years in the studio?"”

While Jagger enjoys the video, he has actually some regrets about his professional relationship with Bowie. “We took pleasure in camping the up,” that recalled. “The video clip is hilarious to watch. It to be the only time we really collaborated top top anything, which is really stupid once you think about it.”

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The method the civilization reacted come their variation of ‘Dancing in the Street’

Jagger wasn’t the only one who delighted in “Dancing in the Street.” Listeners seemed to reap it as well. The duet got to No. 7 ~ above Billboard warm 100, remaining on the chart for 14 weeks. It’s Jagger’s just top 10 struggle on the Billboard hot 100 as a solo artist.

The official Charts agency reports “Dancing in the Street” was a success in the united kingdom as well. The song got to No. 1 in the U.K., staying on the chart for 15 weeks. It continues to be Jagger’s only No. 1 fight in his indigenous U.K. Without The roll Stones.

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The song had a place in pop society long afterward, as shown when Peter Griffin mocked that in an illustration of Family Guy called “Foreign Affairs.” The totality of the video appears in the episode. “Dancing in the Street” continues to be an interesting collaboration between two absent ‘n’ roll icons — and it stop a special location in Jagger’s memories.