A brief haired through highlight, 24 year old Hispanic woman walking out of her work, she's wearing a irradiate blue shirt sleeves, a dark blue pants, white lab jacket and also a black quick boots. Additionally have golden earring and a pink lipstick (you constantly have that), and she have documents on her hands. She gained in to her auto as she start to drive together the auto fly up, smiling. Suddenly, she obtained a call from her just friend Valerie, top top her interactions wrist, both provided to it is in rival, yet not anymore since the accident.

: What's up, Valerie?

Valerie: Hey , how's work? You're act okay?

: Estoy bien, you always worried around me, I have the right to take treatment of myself, girlfriend know.

Valerie: I know, I simply don't desire you happen again v that ghost.

: I know, I always have weapon v me, if he comes to assault us, but he can't obtain through the shield. Anyway, I'll be in ~ my parents' residence then I'll be there shortly in Tower 9. Watch you there.

Valerie: Alright, watch you there.

hung up the dubbed as she concentrated where she driving, climate she flew under on the soil in former of she house. She acquired out as she went inside her house, greeting at she parents. stayed at she house about an hour, she got out again to fulfill Valerie.


Valerie: What took you for this reason long? -she teased she friend-

: What? i was eating and taking a rest a little.

She said, powers under her board and landed on the balcony. She's wearing just like Valerie's jumpsuit, however her jumpsuit is with black lengthy gloves and also long boots. Additionally she attract a helmet as she take it off.

: What are you wait for? -smiles-

Valerie chuckles climate she raises her interactions watch and pushed a switch on it, when she done, they view Mr. Gray's image, Valerie's father, on she watch. He's attract a uniform and also an eyepatch.

Mr. Gray: Great, sweetie. Let's check the critical tower and get ba--

The watch cut to static and also Valerie called her father twice. Then a familiar pair that red eyes appeared on the clock screen.

???: Hello, Valerie. And also hello lovely, . -the familiar voice said in a drawling voice-

: Oh no, no him. -she muttered together she feels her face furious-

Valerie: You, again?! ns don't treatment how an effective you are, ghost. Friend can't break through the shield!

???: Until today.

Both heard a vast howl as you both clamps their hands over your ears, wincing. The howl shakes the entire city. and Valerie gasped as the level on the tower start to fall rapidly, climate the generator on top of the tower explores. Both females grabs your jet sled and also leaps from the balcony as the explosions rattle down the tower.

Both watch in wide-eyed, the ring that shield towers explode. The shield dissolves at the generator points, leave the city exposed. deserve to hear human being screaming and running, and can see the emergency bunker gates with flashing red lights rise out of the streets and people gyeongju inside. Valerie looks at her watch.

???: You choose the brand-new power? I call it, mine Ghostly Wail.

They gained distracted by a blazing purple blast coming at them when they watch up and knocks them both, crash-landing in front of the Nasty citizens 2. Bruised, opened up her eye to see another familiar ghost knight.

: You. . . Fright Night. . .

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Fright Night: Yes, me. And I serve a new master now.

Valerie and stood up. The ghost items throws an additional purple decision blast at them. Both pushes the switch on their gauntlet and their jet sled sweeps them the end of the way.

Valerie: We gotta acquire to Dad.

She muttered at her friend, as shortly as they obtained to the damned Works, both go inside, flying down into the lab. They experienced their parents, Mr. Gray, Mr. And Mrs. , space at a console. Valerie's father have a absent arm.

: Mr. Gray, the Fright Knight's here. Which means he can't be much behind. What perform we do? What do we--

She cut off by a Ghostly Wail rings the end again, shaking the lab.

Mr. : Girls, run!

They all revolve to look in ~ the damned Portal, the ground splits open, beginning at the base o the portal and also zigzagging toward them, environment-friendly shining from the fissure. They saw a guy wearing a white and also black jumpsuit through a white cape, green flame blazing about him. That lands on the not correct ground and approaches castle on foot. It present a recognizably an older Danny, v the DP logo, flaming white hair, light skies blue skin, sharp ears, fangs, and a goatee top top his chin.

: D-Danny. . . No, Dan. . .

She claimed whispered and terrified, her eyes are large in fear and also jaw open.

Dan: Hello, . . . And goodbye.

Grinning, increasing his hand publication an extoblast.

On the present time begins, now. . .


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