What is the Solution?

A solution is a homogeneous mixture of two or an ext pure substances on molecule level who composition deserve to vary within details limits. A solution having two contents (substances) recognized as solute and the solvent.

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What is Supersaturated Solution?

A supersaturated equipment contains more dissolved solute than compelled for prepare a saturated solution and also can be ready by heater a saturation solution, adding much more solute, and then cooling that gently. Excess liquified solute crystallizes through seeding supersaturated solution with a couple of crystals that the solute.

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For example, the object of pan boil is the manufacturing of a good even crop of sugar crystals. A primary problem for the attainment the this finish is the maintain of a regulate over the rate of crystallization throughout the growth. Usually a crystal surface preserved in a solution will only prosper if the concentration that the solution is preserved at a level better than the saturation concentration. Such a solution is stated to be supersaturated.

Supersaturation in Phase adjust (Crystallization and also Condensation)

Physical processes and chemical processes in the vapour melt or systems phase of every device takes ar through the formation of three-dimensional 3D nuclei that a new phase and occur only as soon as the tool is supersaturated.The system is said to it is in in a state of metastable equilibrium and it deserve to remain in the state without attaining the minimum free energy equivalent to the equilibrium state.In other words, in such cases nucleation the the new phase set in after some duration the value counts on such components as the temperature and also pressure of the system, the existence of chemistry phases different from the nucleating phase and increased supersaturation level facilitate the process of nucleation of the brand-new phase.However, there is constantly a supersaturation level once the new phase nucleates instantaneously. The is the new phase precipitates.This supersaturation level synchronizes to the upper limit of the state the metastable equilibrium and defines the width of the metastable width.

Applications that Supersaturated Solution

When a solution of a heavy solute liquified in a liquid solvent is saturated, that is in thermodynamic equilibrium. In order because that crystallization come occur, the state that the mechanism must be change to a nonequilibrium state in which the concentration of the solute in the equipment exceeds that equilibrium concentration in ~ the offered solution conditions. Services that space in the nonequilibrium state are said to it is in supersaturated. The simplest method to create a supersaturated systems is by cooling.


A systems is initially prepared at point A. If this solution is cooled it will certainly be saturated once it intersects the saturation line. If that is cooled previous the saturation line to point B it will certainly be supersaturated. Just because this systems is supersaturated, however, go not typical that it will automatically crystallize. Supersaturated solutions are metastable. This method that over there is a totally free energy barrier which need to be overcome for the phase change to it is in overcome.

The simplest and most common technique of making a supersaturated systems is by cooling, however this is no the only technique that deserve to be used, over there are many methods choose solvent evaporation, temperature change, adjust in pH, chemistry reaction and modification in solvent composition.

Examples the Supersaturated Solution

Supersaturated solution contains an ext dissolved substances 보다 a saturation solution. Because that example, 40g NaCl in 100ml H2O. The additional 4.0g NaCl stays undissolved.

Solved Examples

1. What is the massive percent of sodium hydroxide in a solution that is make by dissolving 8.00g NaOH in 50.0g H2O?


Knowns 8.00g NaOH

50.0g H2O

Solving for mass percent

= 8.00g NaOH/8.00g NaOH + 50.0g H2O

= 13.8% NaOH solution.

2. Will a equipment made by adding 2.5g of CuSO4 to 10g of H2O it is in saturated because that unsaturated at 20oC?


We first need to recognize the systems of CuSO4 at 20oC. From number 14.4 we view that the solubility the CuSO4 at 20oC is about 21g every 100g of H2O. This amount is tantamount to 2.1g the CuSO4 every 10g that H2O.

Since 2.5g every 10g the H2O is greater than 2.1g every 10g of H2O, the systems will be saturated and also 0.4g that CuSO4 will be maintained.

A supersaturated equipment is a more solute solution than deserve to be dissolved by the solvent. If friend haven’t learned what a solute / solvent is, the product that is liquified in the solution, such as salts however not restricted to salts, is a solution. The most popular instance is sodium acetate which is supersaturated.

A supersaturated solution is a systems that contains an ext than the typical solvent that have the right to be dissolved at a offered temperature. The recrystallization the the excess liquified solvent in a super-saturated solution deserve to be started by inserting a tiny solute crystal, called a seeds crystal.

According to the solubility the the substance a “supersaturated” systems produces an ext dissolved content 보다 it should. In the case of sugar, whose chemical name is “sucrose,” approximately 211 grams the water deserve to dissolve in 100 millilitres. Solubility is temperature dependent; an ext sugar dissolves in warm water than in cold.

Under suitable conditions, solutions may frequently be formulated that contain a greater amount the solvent 보다 the one forced to type a saturated solution. Owing to the presence of the solute in a supersaturated systems in a concentration greater than the concentration of equilibrium, super-saturated services are unstable.

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The solid crystals in the character language crystals will dissolve into the bath, developing a supersaturated solution. As soon as the equipment for sodium thiosulfate is progressively cooled the super-saturated solution have to remain liquid. Put a tiny crystal in the over-saturated equipment would do the fluid solid.