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Detroit 60 series diesel specs, history, information, and also torque curves. The Detroit 60 collection engine platform had an 11.1L, 12.7L, and also 14L inline 6 cylinder diesel engine. 60 collection Detroits space widely popular in a number of on-highway and off-highway industries.

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Detroit Diesel collection 60 Power and also torque strength 11.1 liter 250-350 hp, 187-261 kW
2100 rpm 12.7 liter 350-425 hp 261-317 kW
2100 rpm 14.0 liter 425-515 hp 317-384 kW
1800-2100 rpm talk 11.1 liter 1100-1250 lb.ft, 1492-1695 Nm
1200 rpm 12.7 liter 1250-1400 lb.ft, 1695-1898 Nm
1200 rpm 14.0 liter 1450-1650 lb.ft, 1966-2237 Nm
1200 rpm. Torque the bottom flexible idler equipment flanged seed to 57-67 N·m (42-49 lb·ft) torque. Eliminate the dial indicator and pedestal indigenous the gear case. Before installing the rocker arm tower assemblies, examine the torque on the finish studs come ensure castle were not loosened at time the removal.

The speak specification is 101-116 N·m (75-86 lb·ft). Series 60. The collection 60 heavy-duty diesel engine maintains fuel economy with wonderful power-to-weight ratio and also unsurpassed reliability at current emission levels. Technological SPECIFICATIONS.

every in ft lbs. Unless noted. Main bearing cap: 347-391. Flywheel housing: 118-148. Connecting pole nut: 118-137. Camshaft bearing cap bolt: 93-108. As soon as it was presented in 1987, the series 60 to be the first heavy-duty diesel engine with completely integrated electronic controls. Detroit Diesel prescribed review intervals the 500,000 miles (800,000 km), then increased that come 750,000 mile (1,210,000 km) after more experience was got with the brand-new engine.

web page 1 SUBJECT: COMPACT equipment TRAIN ASSEMBLY introduction Detroit Diesel has released a brand-new Compact equipment Train Assembly because that the series 60 2002 engine. This new assembly supplies weight savings, noise reduction and also height reduction. The bullgear is a straight cut gear that now rides top top bushings.

Detroit Diesel series 60 engine spec sheets, parts books and also workshop fix manuals. An easy specs are cost-free and open to everyone They usually include engine images, displacement, dimensions and also weight, crucial bolt tightening torques, plus qualities of the engine e.g. That is power and torque. Important bolt torques ar. The series 60 engine is an in-line 6 cylinder, v wet replaceable liners, overhead cam and also electronic engine control. This engines are largely used in class 8 trucks, but can also be uncovered in industrial and generator applications and also occasional naval applications.

The series 60 DDC diesel engine come in 14.0L, 12.7L & < >. 2001 Daewoo Lanos Cylinder Head Bolt torque Specs speak bolts in sequence (looking under on the engine indigenous front of car) belts 1 3 9 5 7 trans belts 2 4 10 6 8 trans action 1: 18 ft.lbs. (25 Nm) step 2: add to 60 degrees Step 3: add to 60 levels Step 4: to add 60 degrees Step 5: to add 10 degrees. What’s the talk specs and torque sequence because that a 14L 60 collection detroit valve cover, it’s a 1 item cover with 10 bolts.

carry out I need to put any type of sealant besides the gasket? Serial # is 06R0856833 check out more.

List of associated literature:

Higher speak strength occurred in the standing place (23.5– 33.3 Nm) because that the socket wrench, spanner wrench and vice-grip) 보다 in the sitting place (17.6–27.4 Nm).

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FIGURE 3-36 Dial torque wrench analysis torque.

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When it is crucial to recalculate a torque reading as soon as using a talk adapter, you must know the lever size of the torque wrench, the size of the adapter from the center of square drive to the facility of the nut or bolt, and also the actual lot of torque preferred at the nut or bolt (Figure 30).

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Figure 95.1 reflects a typical torque–speed curve.

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Look increase the connecting pole fastener torque specification in the shop business manual.

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Torque worths typically variety from 10 to 45 Ncm; the manufacturer’s instructions need to be consulted for guidance.

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Place a straightedge across the confront of the bellhousing and measure the depth come the in salt of the torque convertor (see diagram), which must be 22.5mm/0.89in.

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Torque wrench, as presented in figure 3.7, is provided to apply and also measure correct torque compelled for tightening the bolt or nut.


Table 13–1 provides standard bolt and nut torque specifications.

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Normal torque range is tabulated worth plus 10%.

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