One of the many tragic stories of the 1990’s rock civilization was that of singer Shannon Hoon, and also his band, blind Melon. In spite of scoring among the decade’s most enduring singles and also videos, “No Rain,”and a quadruple platinum hit through their 1992 self-titled debut album (in enhancement to touring together rock’s greatest names), Hoon might not get over a dangerous medicine addiction. Only two records right into a promising career, Hoon was dead from an overdose at the age of 28. ‘A devil on One Shoulder and also an angel on the Other’ is the very first book come tell the group’s story—culled from end 50 exclusive interviews (including the making it through band members and also those closest come the band) and featuring many never-before-seen photos. “I am honored the Greg has painstakingly accounted because that what the hell happened during those crazy times. He has actually summed up all the chaos, jubilation, and also paranoia that is blind Melon.” -Brad Smith, remote Melon bassist

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Greg Prato is a lengthy Island, new York-based writer, who consistently writes for all Music Guide,, and also Classic rock Magazine. The is also the writer of numerous books, including "A devil on One Shoulder and also an point of view on the Other: The Story of Shannon Hoon and also Blind Melon," "Touched by Magic: The Tommy Bolin Story," "No Schlock...Just Rock!", "Grunge is Dead: The Oral history of Seattle rock Music," "The Eric Carr Story," and "MTV rule the World: The early Years the Music Video."

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People who know and also love Shannon will reap reliving the moments chronicled. Anyone that didn"t recognize him will definitely know that now. You controlled to catch the personality the Shannon, the great and the bad, I"m thankful the was mainly good. Thank you for immortalizing my boy in print.

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Nel Hoon

I am absorbed by what currently goes down as among my favourite all-time reads..."A devil on One Shoulder." ns swear to you, the is a need to read. I strongly introduce this. A killer effort.

Jeff Pearlman

From its startle jacket image of Shannon Hoon stand on the ledge that a high balcony apparently about to step off, there"s an wait of melancholic inevitability about Greg Prato"s excellent history of blind Melon.

Jon Hotten

Prato not just manages to conference the specifics, but an ext importantly paints a snapshot of a band and frontman possessed of brilliance yet troubled demons.

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Frank Valish

This is a hard publication to placed down as soon as picked up. Ns don"t think I also blinked throughout the chapters entitled; "October, 21 1995" and "Aftermath." I extremely recommend this book.