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Greg Heffley class Clown, likewise known together Can you Please come to the former of the Room?, meme refers to a series of video clip edits based upon a step from an animated Diary the a Wimpy Kid brief film released in 2012, showcasing one interaction in between Greg Heffley and his teacher, whereby Greg is informing jokes to end up being his class"s following "class clown." The to edit of this interaction tend come interchange Greg Heffley"s banter with comedic effects.


In 2012, the animated short Diary the a Wimpy Kid: course Clown, which to be canonically collection between the movies Rodrick Rules and Dog Days, was released.<1> The film features animated scenes from the first five Diary books, condensing them right into the short. It to be released together a bonus function on the Dog Days DVD. The plot consists of Greg"s make the efforts to become his school"s class clown. In one sequence, Greg is prompted to call jokes towards his teacher, after ~ the teacher calls him to the front of the classroom (shown below).

On November 29th, 2018, YouTuber Mememasterjim posted the earliest recognized remix the the clip through the video clip "Greg Heffley, please carry out not say the n native in my classroom." The post received more than 147,000 views in much less than 3 years earlier (shown below).


On January 16th, 2019, YouTuber Discount Bat on YouTube uploaded a variation licensed has been granted "Greg Heffly can you please come to the prior of the room and do the problem" i m sorry has collected 805,000 views in less than 3 years (shown below, left). In the meme, Greg"s voice is replaced by various cellphone ringtones. Shortly thereafter, on may 9th, YouTuber<2> Gold fit Gamer re-renewed again the video clip "Greg hefley please do not say the n native in mine classroom," receiving much more than 1.4 million see in less than two years.

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The "Class Clown" re-emerged in 2021. On February 6th, 2021, YouTuber The day-to-day F2P posted a variation that garnered 166,000 see in much less than three months (shown below, on the right).




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