But unbelievably there space plenty of human being out there choosing to accessorise in the most intimate part of the body - us take a look at the infamous Prince Albert piercing.

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A royal Albert piercing is a dick piercing

What is a royal Albert piercing? 

A royal Albert piercing is a penis piercing. 

Are there various types?

Yes. Those wanting to shot something even more unconventional can gain a reverse Prince Albert, i beg your pardon goes about the height of the penis rather than underneath. 

There is additionally the Prince’s Wand - a T-shaped piercing. 

How go the Prince Albert piercing get its name?

The piercing gets its name from a rumour the circulated claiming that Prince Albert, the husband the Queen Victoria, got a cock piercing in his twenties. 

Historians have never to be able to confirm this - yet the rumour persisted v the century nonetheless.

Some have said the prince may have suffered kind Peyronie’s an illness - a condition which led to painful, bent erections - and had the piercing in an effort to straighten his penis. 

Are there sex-related benefits?

Possibly, together the piercing will increase sensitivity in the dick during intercourse. 

But this relies on the type of material used and how a partner’s human body responds come the sensation. 

However, aggressive sex v a piercing could cause injury come the penis. 

How much does the piercing normally cost?

A Prince Albert piercing may price anywhere indigenous £35 to number of hundred pounds at luxury shops. 

How is the piercing done?

A procedure sees a metal ring pierced with the pointer of the skin at the guideline of the penis. That is then bent v pliers to produce a rounded ring shape. 


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