I was watching the anime and I saw someone mention something about how the Third Raikage's 4 finger thrust is like "Kakashi's Lightning Blade or Sasuke's Chidori". Were they implying there was a difference between the two jutsu, if so what is the difference. Thank You for the help.

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The lightning blade is an enhanced version of the chidori, requiring the usage of more chakra and more importantly, more chakra control.

According to gai, kakashi named it the lightning blade because he was able to split a bolt of lightning with it, but we haven't actually seen that nor has Kakashi said it himself.

Visually, chidori looks more like lightning bolts coming off the hand where as lightning blade consumes the users hand in lightning and chakra.

Not to mention if you play naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm generations or storm 3, kakashi has an ultimate jutsu called twin lighting shiver where he creates a zig zag lightning bolt heading upwards then quickly slices it down the center with his lighting blade. Thats an example of him slicing lighting.

When Kakashi uses lightning blade his hand is fully extended and flat, like a blade, and fully engulfed in lightning. When Sasuke uses chidori his hand is kinda cupped and it looks more like he's holding a ball of lightning.

As I stated somewhere below, that is not really true. Both Sasuke and Kakashi have done both, while Kakashi has only said Raikiri and Sasuke has only said Chidori. The difference between the cup and flat palm is a change in style from Kishi's part since the original Naruto always used cupped(look at Kakashi's Raikiri when he killed Haku) and in Shippuden it changes to flat(look at Sasuke vs. Deidara and Sasuke vs. Raikage Ay).

Kakashi's "Lightning Blade" is his Raikiri, which he created after teaching Sasuke "Thousand Birds" or Chidori. Chidori is an A-rank jutsu, which Sasuke manipulated to create many S-rank jutsus. Raikiri is an enhanced version of Chidori, making it an S-Rank jutsu in itself.

I'd say the only real difference is the way it's formed and used. While they are technically the same Jutsu, it seems Kakashi has simply developed a way over the years to refine the technique and perfect it on his own.

'Lighting Blade' is simply the nickname Kakashi gave the jutsu. While it has it's own unique style, it is still technically a chidori. Sasuke's is likely just as strong as Kakashi's at this point, but Sasuke has said he prefers to call the Jutsu by it's formal name.

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Here is my answer from the last time I answered this question:

Well, the name changed is already said, but the actual difference that makes it more advanced is the shape transformation. Basically, there are 2 types of transformation, nature transformation and shape transformation. Nature transformation is when the user changes his chakra to mimic an element, when a jutsu has XXX style or XXX release, the chakra is nature transformed into XXX, for example: lightning style: Chidori or earth style: earth wall. Kakashi's chakra nature is lightning, so when he uses chidori, he transforms his chakra to have the properties of lightning. Nature transformation is a somewhat low level, and a huge amount of jutsus use it. Shape transformation is when the user transforms his chakra into to a certain shape and not just a mass, for example, rasengan, is the ultimate chakra transformation, into a perfect ball, it is much higher level and jutsus that use it are a lot more powerful, another example (as rasengan is somewhat unique) is the walking on water/tree climbing practice, they are both used to train the use to control the shape of the chakra. Now, the real power comes when you combine both of the transformations together, you probably know a few of those: rasenshuriken, Sasuke's (not Itachi's) amaterasu (the difference being Sasuke could move the flames) are both a combination of both transformations. To the point: the difference between chidori and raikiri, is that whereas chidori is a pure nature transformation, Kakashi took it one step further and applied shape transformation by shaping the chidori into a blade which increased the jutsu's lethality immensel, and also made the jutsu much harder to learn and perform. This, is what the raikiri is. It is the combination of the lightning nature with the shape of a lightning. tl;dr chidori is a mass of chakra, raikiri is the same but in the shape of a blade.