Other people have currently explained each one, yet to amount it up, the chain from finest to worst choice in this instance would be IMAX 3D > element 3D > RealD 3D

I can't speak as to Prime 3D, but Real 3D just way its one one of the typical screens. IMAX 3D is top top a bigger screen.

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It may just be my theater, however Real 3D appears to watch a tiny too dark because that me, vice versa, IMAX 3D seems to have the appropriate amount of brightness.

This is often due to the fact that theaters forget come properly adjust the brightness because that RealD 3D, together the auditoriums are often used because that 2D shows as well. IMAX, together a strictly licensed and also controlled product, it s okay correctly adjusted most the the time.

Agree through you on that, never seen element 3D before and also trying to find out if that's favor imax or genuine 3D.

prime i think often tends to be between the size of an imax screen yet larger than a constant screen and they have actually the extra large chairs whereby the legs go up and also it tilts back a little

Also come note, IMAX 3d and also real3d uses various 3d glasses, make sure you are offered the best ones once you walk otherwise it'll be choose you're not wearing any glasses. Real3d usually are the disposable glasses and IMAX room the reusable ones which room in the cages.

Real3D is the firm the renders pretty much all the 3D devices for theaters. It's just a brand and means traditional 3D.

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Prime is one AMC thing that has deluxe surround sound, reclining seats, etc. Then the IMAX is the IMAX branded large format projection. It's typically an ext vibrant together a result.

there space basically 2 types of 3 d projectors used when it pertains to PVR. The common 3 d goes in with green-cyan mix of the filters and you can see the movie without the glasses but not distinctly. Also the quality of the 3d effecta is not that clear ar periodically go blurr. The prime 3d offers dynamic filters that change from time come time follow to movie step which renders the 3d movie an ext lively and much more detailed. Additionally if you eliminate the 3d glasses you have the right to see the movie clearly. So thats why they charge more for element 3d.!!


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