If you’ve check out Cassandra Clare‘s Shadowhunters Chronicles, Monday’s Shadowhunters TV finale probably perplexed you a bit.

Despite the reasons, the finale received blended reactions since of the storyline mix-up readjusted characters’ destinies in a huge way and also because Simon Lewis totally got screwed.

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Let’s rest it down, chandelier we? Beware: Book and show spoilers galore!

Imbued v Heavenly Fire

TV show: Isabelle

Books: Jace

In the books, it’s Jace who shares a twinning rune v Jonathan (as a means to gain to Clary, among other reasons) and he to be imbued v Heavenly Fire once stabbed through Glorious to destroy their connection. Clary create a rune to extract the Heavenly Fire right into another ancient mythical sword and uses that sword to death Jonathan in Edom. In the show, getting stabbed v Glorious doesn’t affect Clary in ~ all, however it quiet imbues Isabelle with Heavenly Fire as soon as she’s hit by shrapnel. She offers the Heavenly Fire to endure Edom and destroy Lilith prior to the gang shares her burden Guardians the the Galaxy style and also the remnants burst out of them, destroying every one of Edom.


Wedding Festivities

TV Show: Alec and Magnus

Books: Jocelyn and also Luke

Don’t obtain us wrong! Alec and also Magnus do acquire married later in the Shadowhunters Chronicles series (specifically in Queen that Air and Darkness,) yet only ~ they’ve traveled the people an embraced two children– one warlock, one Shadowhunter. However at the finish of the TMI books, it’s Luke and the 100% not dead Jocelyn who finally get married. Given that Jocelyn is a goner top top the show and also everyone loves Malec, this is one of the much more reasonable changes.


Affected in the LA academy attack

TV Show: The Lightwood family

Books: The Blackthorn family

Helen Blackthorn was just the guideline of the iceberg for a major character set-up! In the books, she’s among seven youngsters whose family members runs the LA institute. Clare’s TMI follow-up, The Dark Artifices, adheres to the family. The present doesn’t point out the Blackthorn family even being at the LA Institute. Instead, it’s operation by Robert Lightwood, who’s take away Max through him. In the books, Max is lengthy dead and also Robert never ever runs the LA Institute, yet the present needed a method to bring them earlier into the action.

Head that the brand-new York Institute

TV show: Isabelle

Books: Jace and Clary

In what will most likely be a shock to the show-only crowd, Alec is a short-term head the the new York Institute because that a only a brief time in the books. ~ The Dark War and the loss of Jonathan, it’s Jace and also Clary who run the Institute and train up the next generation the Shadowhunters– as you can infer from that, Clary’s fate is completely different. Once Alec gets promoted in the show, it’s Isabelle who takes over the Institute. In the books, Isabelle remains a committed Shadowhunter, yet she’s never ever the boss.

The new Inquisitor

TV Show: Alec

Books: Robert

Another caveat: Alec go eventually end up being the Inquisitor in the books, however several year after the fact, and also even then, he’s pretty young because that the job. At the finish of the TMI storyline, it’s his dad Robert Lightwood who takes increase the position and does his finest to atone because that his past sins as a one member and generally not an excellent father. In the show, Alec becomes Clave Inquisitor within a pair years of very first being appointed together an institute head while Magnus i do not care the High Warlock of Alicante (a position that doesn’t exist in the books,) making castle a serious power couple.

Loss of storage of the zero World… kind of

TV Show: Clary

Books: Simon

In a major shocker, the Shadowhunters finale featured Clary shedding her storage of the shadow World completely as a punishment from the point of view Raziel because that the usage of original, “unnatural” runes– even though both the books and also show speak this power came from the angels and also she offered them to save the world BUT ns DIGRESS. Upon see Jace if he’s glamoured a year later, Clary remembers his name and also asks about his runes, providing fans clear hope that she have the right to return to her old life. In the books, it’s Simon that suffers the complete memory loss. It’s a willing sacrifice he offers up come Asmodeus to get the gang out of Edom alive. The ns hits anyone hard, particularly Clary and Isabelle, but Magnus says that if they can find any proof the Simon has even a vague storage of the zero World, that can assist the previous vampire reclaim his knowledge. After numerous sly make the efforts by the group, Isabelle philosophies Simon. While the doesn’t completely recognize her, the hands her a flier fostering a gig for his latest band: The Mortal Instruments.


Downworlder reverting into a Mundane

TV Show: Raphael

Books: Simon

Complete ns of the shadow World method Simon couldn’t be a vampire no longer in the publication series, so when Asmodeus rips far his identity, he i do not care a Mundane. In the show, Raphael becomes a Mundane after gift injected through Heavenly Fire serum– a product that only exists on-screen. Raphael’s book fate is much darker: He continues to be a vampire, goes come Edom v the others, and is eliminated by Jonathan Morgenstern when there.

Former Downworlder turned Shadowhunter

TV Show: Luke

Books: Simon

Did we point out that Simon Lewis obtained totally screwed in the TV finale?! Again, Heavenly Fire is a show-only design used to turn Luke right into a Shadowhunter again. In the books, Luke remains a tower in the werewolf community and also it’s Simon who ultimately becomes a Shadowhunter– Mundanes v the sight have the right to do that, after all, and that’s what Asmodeus reverts him ago to. There’s even an entire short story collection focused on his training, Tales native The Shadowhunter Academy.

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Clary’s Parabatai

TV Show: Isabelle, assuming Clary becomes completely involved in the Shadow human being again

Books: Simon

We love Clizzy and women functioning together, but Simon is the oldest, dearest girlfriend of Clary’s heart. In the show, Clary asks Isabelle to be her parabatai. Assuming she gets she memories ago and rejoins the shadow World, the seems most likely to happen. It provides sense, offered that Simon is still a vampire. But Book!Simon is at some point a Shadowhunter, Book!Clary never shed her memory, and also the two room parabatai.