The toilet Swirl

We’ve all heard the myth about how bathrooms flush in different ways in the Northern and also Southern Hemisphere.

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Sadly, once you study it, you quickly uncover that the restroom swirl depends mainly on the shape and design the the restroom itself, quite than your place on earth.

But over there is undoubtedly a correlation between location and also water swirls and also that is as result of no other than the earth’s very own rotation. Smart people called it the Coriolis Effect.

Let’s take a hypothetical case: draining quiet water from comparable containers, one located in the northern Hemisphere and also another in the Southern.

The Coriolis Effect

If wednesday look in ~ the earth from space, we’d watch that it rotates counter-clockwise approximately its axis (at approx. 1000mph). This means that any allude we think about within the earth’s surface has a tangential (sideways) velocity induced whit the earth rotation. Ideal now, we’re rotating in ~ 1000mph. We just don’t notice it since we’re within the exact same reference frame as the earth.

Let’s think about random point out on different spots the the earth’s surface. The points closer to the earth axis will have actually a reduced sideways speed than the points near the equator, due to the fact that these points space far more distant indigenous the facility of rotation, hence moving faster:


Considering now our case study: you simply filled 2 pools through water on both hemispheres:



After waiting long sufficient for the water to involved absolute rest, you decision to open the drainpipe to permit the water out.

Let’s look at part random water corpuscle and break down the dynamics:

On the NH, the water particles on the upper side of the pool have actually lower tangential velocity than the particles on the southern side the the pool, due to the fact that the south side is closer come the equator.On the SH, the upper side that the swimming pool gathers points v higher sideways velocity, because it is closer come the equator, while the reduced particles, closer come the earth’s axis, suffer less tangential velocity.


What happens once you open up the drainpipe valve?

Water will certainly start moving toward the drain hole. In both pools, the corpuscle with greater sideways speed, V, will move faster to the right than the persons with lower V.

The mass of much faster points will relocate in the resulting direction and also push the masses of slower points out of the way, hence the slow particles move in the contrary direction of the earth rotation.

The finish results:

The Northern Hemisphere pool drain will induce a counter-clockwise rotation in the water, when the Southern Hemisphere pool water will revolve clockwise.

This is dubbed the Coriolis Effect. It’s not a meme fellas, the science.

Not all toilets could entertain you with contrary swirls on the opposite hemispheres, yet this relationship between the earth rotational speed and fluids is real and finds applications in an ext than just baby pools.

It’s vital to note that this result is only manifested as defined here if the water is for sure still and also has no outside agents/forces in action. The distance in between the most extreme water particles within a pool is as well minimal to dominantly manifest the Coriolis effect, therefore any kind of flow disturbances or singularities in the water and the pool’s surfaces could affect the direction of the swirl.

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There room scenarios more dominantly identified by the Coriolis Effect, namely the rotation direction that Cyclones. This is additionally the reason why there space rarely any type of Tornados near the equator — the the weakest clues on earth for the Coriolis forces to it is in manifested.