The Vampire Diaries: 7 personalities Who were Gone Too shortly (& 3 that Overstayed your Welcome) The Vampire Diaries had actually many characters who were taken native the series way too soon yet others stuck approximately far longer than they must have.

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Split picture of Jenna, Tyler and also Anna native Vampire Diaries
If there was one regular thing about The Vampire Diaries, it"s that death wasn"t permanent. Just a few characters that were eliminated off remained that means and also the ones who did still proved up again transparent the series for various reasons. Also so, many were gone prior to they should"ve been.

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These were characters who still had actually a lot to sell the display in terms of storylines or had advancement left to go through. Some others were just popular and entertaining, for this reason audiences want to see more of them. Top top the upper and lower reversal side, a couple of actually stuck about longer 보다 they probably should have.

In terms of importance to the story, Meredith fell (Torrey DeVitto) wasn"t a huge component of the series. However, she to be a welcome enhancement in season 3. Meredith"s position as a doctor who provided vampire blood come heal her patients was different and it led to Elena ending up being a vampire.

Her relationship with Alaric Saltzman was additionally one that his better romances. Meredith usually disappeared after ~ Alaric passed away other 보다 helping Damon and Stefan the end a handful of times. The was relatively disappointing as she could"ve been a continuous presence in Mystic drops like Carol Lockwood or Liz Forbes.

Considering the dreadful things the Mikael (Sebastian Roché) did come his family members, specifically his kid Klaus, the reality that that was eliminated off wasn"t upsetting come fans. The problem was the he come off together a significant disappointment in regards to being a threat.

Klaus and his siblings were all-powerful, so once the "vampire who hunts vampires" scared them, Mikael felt prefer he can be the series" greatest villain. Alas, he verified up and was staked by Klaus in their first true showdown. Despite he got much more time on The Originals, his insignificant on The Vampire Diaries left a lot of to it is in desired.

A stressed Jeremy Gilbert
It"s clear the Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R. McQueen) was among the many important personalities in the background of the show. That ended up being even much more obvious when Jeremy got his hunter abilities and also played a part in finding the cure. That storyline caused him getting brutally eliminated by Silas.

Honestly, as renowned as Jeremy was, that likely should"ve to be the finish of his run. That had currently come back to life several times through that suggest and his storylines after gift brought ago weren"t really pivotal come the story. Pan may have actually missed him however the present might"ve been better for it.

7 Gone too Soon: Enzo St. John

Bonnie and also Enzo's fatality in season 8, illustration 11 that The Vampire Diaries
It"s complicated to take into consideration someone who dies so close come the series finale together someone gone too soon but Enzo St. Man (Michael Malarkey) is a special case. That may have actually joined the present late however Enzo ended up being a crowd favorite and his partnership with Bonnie turned out to be among the show"s best.

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Bonnie finally seemed favor she would acquire her happy ending, just for Stefan to display up and murder Enzo. It to be a truly shocking minute that is memorable however it also felt like the was also much. Bonnie had been through so lot heartbreak and also saved everyone countless times, so she deserved to remain with a popular character.

The early on seasons of The Vampire Diaries were impressive in regards to throwing curveballs at viewers that assumed castle knew what to be coming. Among those moments came at the end of season 2 once Klaus essential a vampire to sacrifice to break his curse. Katherine, Damon, and also Stefan were every viable options.

So, it was a true shocker when it to be revealed the Klaus had Jenna Sommers (Sara Canning) turned right into a vampire, simply to death her. The death itself to be heartbreaking and also though it advanced the story, Elena and Jeremy really could"ve offered Jenna sticking approximately for longer since they lost so numerous parental numbers over the years.

5 Overstayed their Welcome: Liv Parker

In season 5, the display debuted a couple of new characters, consisting of Liv Parker (Penelope Mitchell) and her pair brother Luke (Chris Brochu). They were pivotal come the present in regards to what castle represented, acting as the means to affix to their relatives Jo and Kai Parker.

The way that Liv lied about being one inexperienced witch felt like a retread of new characters hiding things, therefore she to be off to a poor start. Her connection with Tyler likewise wasn"t one of the show"s far better ones and also she just felt favor someone that was as well unimportant to last virtually two dozen episodes.

poor Vicki Donovan (Kayla Ewell). Once the collection began, the looked like she would be a key character that would have a relationship with Jeremy. She seemed like someone who would redeem themselves after having worries with drugs. Unfortunately, after just a couple of episodes, she to be turned into a vampire.

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Unlike Caroline or Elena, Vicki wasn"t allowed much of an opportunity as a vamp and also she was killed just an illustration later. When Vicki may not have actually been reduced out to critical the whole series, she could"ve stuck approximately a bit longer to gain some shine together a vampire.

3 Gone as well Soon: Anna

possibly Jeremy and Bonnie were meant for each other since nobody to be unluckier in love than the 2 of them. After Vicki"s death, Jeremy met Anna (Malese Jow) and the two instantly clicked. Jeremy even uncovered out that she to be a vampire and also wanted her to revolve him.

Anna wasn"t an evil vampire, so fans preferred her. She was just a girl who wanted to reunite v her mother and have something of a normal life. Tragically, she was killed in the season 1 finale by man Gilbert and also she to be never offered the opportunity to have the life she wanted. Anna deserved far better and her later return to be welcome.

Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino) to be the show"s development into the people of werewolves and also he to be the an initial successful hybrid sired through Klaus. Despite he to be a main character, Tyler to be never among the many likable, even when the was date Caroline.

For the most part, Tyler"s function in the show reduced after his rivalry through Klaus ended. The romance with Liv and everything entailing the Travelers feeling lesser than what was done forward in the eye of many. By the time he left Mystic Falls, the felt favor it might"ve been as well late, and then he to be brought earlier only to kill off because that good.

1 Gone too Soon: Lexi Branson

It"s difficult to find a character that is together beloved as Lexi Branson (Arielle Kebbel) in so couple of episodes. She first appeared in season 1"s "162 Candles" and was unceremoniously killed in that same episode. It was necessary to move Damon"s plot forward but continues to be a heartbreaking death.

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As someone so essential to Stefan, it"s a shame the audience didn"t get more of castle together. She reverted a couple of times after and fans love it but arriving as a ghost or on the various other Side is a lot various from actually being around consistently.

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