How To freeze Bread PuddingHow to Reheat Bread PuddingDo You must Refrigerate Bread Pudding?How To store Bread Pudding

Bread pudding is a an easy yet delicious dessert the can often be difficult to finish.

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I walk through exactly how to keep your leftover bread pudding and also how come reheat the later.

So, just how do you save bread pudding?For finest results, save leftover bread pudding in one airtight container in the refrigerator, wherein it will certainly last up to 5 days. Because that longer-term storage, you can additionally freeze bread pudding. Bread pudding will store for approximately 3 month in the freezer.

How To keep Leftover Bread Pudding


The best method to keep bread pudding is in the refrigerator. If friend haven’t included any extra sauce (such together custard) however – organize off until you’re all set to eat the pudding.

It’s it s okay to store bread pudding covered in sauce, however there’ll be a noticeable soggy structure to the dish as soon as you involved eat the later.

Storing the pudding there is no sauce comes through the the opposite problem, and the bread will dry the end over time. However this is a slower procedure than the pudding becoming soggy and is additionally easy to resolve by including sauce later.

To keep bread pudding in the refrigerator:

Ensure the bread pudding has fully cooled if you’ve just baked it.Remove any type of extra sauce such as custard or cream.Place the bread pudding in an airtight container.The bread pudding will certainly last because that a maximum of 5 job in the refrigerator. However for ideal results, aim to usage the dish within 2 days, where moisture loss will certainly be less noticeable.

The an ext compact the container, the better, together this will aid prevent the food from prematurely walking stale.

You can additionally cover the bread pudding through a layer of plastic wrap. The more protection you provide against wait contact, the much less dry the pudding will certainly become.

How To frozen Bread Pudding

Bread pudding freezes well, as long as girlfriend haven’t already smothered it in a sauce.

Freezing a bread pudding through sauce ~ above isn’t recommended due to the fact that it will an outcome in a sludgy, messy dish.

If friend have any leftover sauce, it’s ideal to store this separately.


To freeze bread pudding:

Ensure the bread pudding is completely cooled before freezing.Remove any type of extra sauce such as custard or cream.Cut the bread pudding right into individual portions. This will assist if you don’t desire to eat the leftovers every in one go. (optional)Double pave the bread pudding in plastic wrap.Place the sheathe bread pudding in one airtight freezer bag or container. This help to maintain the humidity in the pudding and protects it versus freezer burn.Use the bread pudding within 3 month of freezing it.

To thaw the pudding, leave it in the frozen fridge overnight. Girlfriend can check if it’s completely thawed by sticking a knife or a skewer into the center of it.

Once the pudding has fully defrosted, bring it to room temperature before reheating it.

If you an alert it’s a tiny hard, don’t worry, that’s a typical side result of freeze it. It will certainly soften increase again as you reheat the and include a sauce. Custard and ice cream occupational well.

Eat the bread pudding in ~ 24 hours of thawing and also never re-freeze.

Can you frozen unbaked bread pudding?

I don’t recommend freezing unbaked bread pudding. You’ll get better results baking it first and then freezing. Unbaked bread pudding is an ext likely come split, and the freeze-thaw bike will deteriorate the texture.

If you execute freeze an unbaked pudding, follow the very same instructions as above.

How long Will Bread Pudding last In The Freezer?

Cooked bread pudding will certainly last for up to 3 months in the freezer. If you plan on freezinguncooked bread pudding, it will last for approximately 1 month. For finest results, roasted the pudding prior to freezing.

How come Reheat Bread Pudding


Once you’ve effectively put your bread pudding away, the next question that pops into your head is probably…

‘how perform I reheat my bread pudding?!’

To price this question, i tested four various methods of reheating leftover bread pudding to recognize the finest way.

I tested:

Reheating bread pudding in the stove (plus the waiting fryer)Reheating bread pudding in the microwaveReheat bread pudding ~ above the stove

Because you always need to thaw frozen bread pudding before eating it, the methods for reheating frozen and refrigerated bread pudding room the same. Make sure the frozen pudding is completely defrosted before reheating.

I choose to bring my bread pudding come room temperature before reheating it because it to reduce temperature shocks and also ensures also heating.

You deserve to either add your sauce prior to reheating the bread pudding or just before you offer it. It’s as much as you.

What’s the best means to reheat bread pudding?

For finest results, heat your bread pudding in a 350°F (180°C) range for 10-15 minutes. Sheathe the bread pudding v foil to keep it moist. For a crispy top, uncover the bread pudding because that the last 2 minutes of heating. For quicker results, you have the right to use the microwave.

Reheating Bread Pudding In The cooktop (or air fryer)


The oven was reasonably slow, however it’s mine preferred an approach because you gain all the original characteristics of the bread pudding earlier (including the crispy top).

To reheat bread pudding in the oven:Preheat the cooktop to 350°F (180°C).Cover the pudding v foil to protect against it from drying out.Heat because that 10 come 15 minutes, depending on portion size.To acquire a crispy top, take it the foil off and also heat the pudding because that a further 2-3 minutes.

An individual part will it is in warm enough after 10 minutes, but if you’re reheating a whole loaf, it’s going to take longer.

Don’t forget the foil because, there is no it, the bread pudding will come to be incredibly dry.

What about the wait fryer?

If you have actually an wait fryer, friend can also use this.


To reheat bread pudding in an wait fryer, set it come 300°F (150°C) and heat the bread pudding because that 5-7 minutes. A reduced temperature is much better for the wait fryer. A greater temperature can leave you through a burnt outside and also a cold inside.

Reheating Bread Pudding In The Microwave


The microwave was the more quickly reheating method, so great if you’re in a hurry, yet you won’t get the pretty crispy optimal that oven heating provides. The pudding was likewise slightly chewier 보다 the other methods.

To reheat bread pudding in the microwave:Place the bread pudding in a microwavable bowl.Heat in the microwave on 50% strength in 60-second intervals until the pudding is heated with (it should take between 1-3 minutes).If you desire a crispy top, ar the reheated pudding under the broiler for a couple of minutes prior to serving (or usage a chef’s torch).

It’s finest to reheat little portions in the microwave. If you have a totality loaf, ns would protect against this technique and opt because that the oven.

The low strength reduces the risk of you overheating the bread pudding and drying it out. If her microwave doesn’t have actually a low power setting, reduced the time intervals to 30 seconds.

Eat the pudding as shortly as it’s warm enough due to the fact that it will dry out much faster after being reheated in the microwave.

Reheating Bread Pudding ~ above The Stove


The last technique I tested to be reheating bread pudding ~ above the stove. Full disclosure: that wasso good yet pretty unhealthy.

This an approach will only work for slices that bread pudding. I recommend maintaining the slices fairly thin so they warmth all the means through.

To reheat bread pudding ~ above the stove:Butter a part of bread pudding ~ above both sides (or melt some butter in a pan).Heat a pan over a tool heat.Add the buttered part of bread pudding come the pan and also heat that on every side for 60 seconds.Serve immediately.

This to be by much the many indulgent technique I tested, however (as constantly seems to it is in the case), that meant it was the most delicious.

The butter included moisture to the pudding, and the edges crisped increase while the inside remained soft. Perfection.

In every cases, it’s crucial to for sure the dish is heated to at the very least 165 levels Fahrenheit. Follow to the FDA, this is theminimum safe food preparation temperature for leftovers.

If you desire to be extra careful, a an easy cooking thermometer (link to Amazon) deserve to come in comfortable to ensure that you’re always on the safe side of the guidelines.

How To solve Dry Bread Pudding

Dry bread pudding is generally the result of the bread soaking up any moisture if in storage. It’s quite common that a pudding will be dried if you’ve left it because that a couple of days. Luckily, addressing it is straightforward (and delicious).

To fix dry bread pudding, simply add a sauce. You deserve to use a custard sauce, cream, toffee sauce, or noþeles you desire really! include the sauce or cream to the dish just before serving. Another different to revive dry bread pudding is to serve it through a scoop that vanilla ice cream.

If you’re to developing a new batch the homemade custard sauce, thisrecipeis delicious.

Do You must Refrigerate Bread Pudding?

You must refrigerate bread pudding because lots of dairy commodities are supplied to make it.

The ratio of wet ingredient to dry ingredients is much higher in bread pudding than in cakes, which is why you must refrigerate bread pudding however not cakes.

Bread pudding is much more akin to a custard. This way that there’s a most moisture in the dessert, which have the right to encourage bacteria if not properly stored.

How long deserve to bread pudding sit out?

You can leave bread pudding out at room temperature for a maximum of 2 hours. After 2 hours, the danger of harmful bacteria populating and spreading on the pudding is substantially increased.

Is Bread Pudding The exact same As Bread & Butter Pudding?

There space some ethereal differences between bread pudding and also bread and also butter pudding. Nobody of these differences impact how you store, freeze, or reheat the dishes.

Bread pudding is frequently made through cubes or chunks the stale bread, soaked in a fluid mixture the milk, eggs, and also sugar. On the various other hand, bread and butter pudding commonly calls for slices the pre-buttered bread come be included to the liquid mix.

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Does Bread Pudding go Bad?

Yes, bread pudding will go poor within a issue of hours if left unrefrigerated. This is as result of the large quantities the dairy ingredients used. In the refrigerator, bread pudding will begin to go bad after a duration of 5 days.