I"ve been trying to find a party of Rose"s Grenadine for fairly a while there is no luck, so once I witnessed a big ol" liter that Llord"s in ~ the liquor store, I got hold of it. I"m not certain I desire to clues that much fridge room to the though. Can I store it behind the bar instead?

Sugar is a preservative and also there"s a little bit of alcohol in it too, so my guess is it"s ok on the shelf.

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I"m not sure about other types of grenadine, but assuming they"re the very same as Rose"s, they execute not have to be refrigerated.

It"s not simply that castle contain street - they"re nearly nothing but sugar, water, and a couple of "chemicals." There"s really nothing in there that can spoil, uneven you placed something else right into the bottle that wasn"t there originally.

Unless girlfriend accidentally reduce a item of chicken in there, absolutely don"t worry about refrigeration. It deserve to sit on the shelf.


I referred to as the number ~ above the label. The shelf life that Rose"s grenadine is 6 month REFRIGERATED. I had been storing mine in mine liquor cabinet because that awhile, the told me the it must be good as lengthy as the doesn"t odor funky. None of this high-sugar content products really walk "bad" in the timeless sense.


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