Harry formats is arguably the many beloved member that One Direction, because that so plenty of reasons. He's gone on to make a career because that himself together a solo artist after ~ the resolution of 1D, he has an excellent style, the way he talks about young ladies is complete of respect and admiration, and also he's not afraid to be open about his body. That consists of confirming the net rumor that he has two supernumerary, or extra, nipples — a condition called polythelia — during a current interview through Chelsea Handler.

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During the interview, Handler asked layouts a collection of questions that he was an alleged to price with just one word, and one of castle was, "There's a rumor ~ above the internet that girlfriend have four nipples. Have you heard that?" to which the said, "Correct." She said, "You do?" and he answered again, "Yeah." She asked that to allude them out and he did, end his shirts — the supernumerary nipples room a tiny lower 보다 what he called his "usual" nipples.

Though Handler appeared a little shocked by Styles' admission, Joshua Zeichner, MD, director of cosmetic and also clinical research for theDepartment of skin science at mount Sinai Hospital in brand-new York, says having extra nipples isn't uncommon. Approximates of the rate of polythelia differ widely, though: not everyone through a supernumerary nipple even knows they have actually one, and also there's additionally not a ton the research right into the condition. (That's probably partly since it's most often harmless.)

So where execute extra nipples come from? "When the human body develops, sometimes nipple creating cells accidentally move down the chest listed below the normal nipple," Dr. Zeichner explains. "Supernumerary nipples can develop anywhere on the chest, armpit, even belly or into the groin, along a vertical line listed below the nipple, recognized as the 'embryonic milk line.'" (Styles' room on his torso, not far below his chest.)


Harry layouts of the band 'One Direction' swims turn off a motor cruiser docked in ~ Chinamans Beach, Mosman, ~ above April 10, 2012 in Sydney, Australia.Getty Images
Yahoo beauty, beauty reports the supernumerary nipples are frequently just a centimeter in diameter and may look like moles. However, they typically have a bump in the center like any kind of other nipple; they're usually uncovered on the "mammary line" (what Dr. Zeichner describes as the "embryonic milk line"); and they might contain chest tissue underneath the surface. "They many commonly appear as small, pink bumps, yet in some situations a completely formed nipple v underlying breast tissue might develop," Dr. Zeichner says. "The nipple is harmless and also is much more of a cosmetic concern than noþeles else."

Though they're generally nothing to worry about, over there is one exception. "In some cases, wherein there is a an ext developed nipple with breast tissue, the organization itself may come to be sensitive in women throughout the menstrual bicycle or even create milk ~ pregnancy," that told us. In addition, presence of breast tissue way that supernumerary nipples have to be monitored the same method breasts are, just in case breast condition develops. If you have actually an extra nipple and it bothers girlfriend (even without the visibility of breast tissue), a dermatologist can remove it — yet that's completely your choice. Styles, for one, seems perfectly content with his extra nipples. Counting his human body confidence as simply one more reason to love him.

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