Who die In Fairy Tail? Every Death, Ranked By woe Fairy Tail has had its fair share of character deaths, but which please mage endured the most tragic death of all?

because that a series that"s run as lengthy as Fairy Tail, death is one inevitability. Any collection cannot perhaps go ~ above that long without losing some heroes and also villains alike. Some may even argue that the series should have had even much more death scenes, such as Gajeel"s moment with Bloodman throughout the last arc.

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Despite part questionable decision-making here and there, fairly a couple of of the deaths in the collection were saddening and also impactful. A few of these deaths happened previously in the series and were oft-forgotten around when compared to what taken place later during the Tartaros and Alvarez arcs.

not all deaths room meant to lug forth tears to the eye of fans, and God Serena"s demise is one no one will lose sleep over. What makes his death sad is the fact that he may be the best victim of having too many poor guys in the Alvarez arc. That was accumulated as a god-level character, one that manhandled the magician saints and also planned to eradicate every dragons. However, those desires came crashing down versus Acnologia when he to be treated favor mere fodder and taken out in a flash.

Hades to be the second guild leader of Fairy Tail who"d lost his way, becoming consumed with the understanding of the shed arts and also how whatever started through Zeref. As with many bad guys, his purposes revolved about the key antagonist that the whole series along with Acnologia. The sad component was no the death itself, however rather, the fact that the was killed by the very person he to be trying come awaken. Right before his end, he additionally realized just how wrong his action were, misjudging that Zeref was and what the was capable of.

Yes, Makarov gets revitalized after his fatality in among the many cop-out moments the constantly plague the series. Just like Gajeel, Mashima struggles with ever letting personalities meet your ultimate demise, death at times being as irreversible as the is in Dragon Ball.

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It"s unfortunate since Makarov"s fatality was one of the more emotional moment in the series when the sacrificed self to protect the members he experienced as children.

7 Irene

Irene was an amazing member the the Spriggan 12, one who controlled to walk toe come toe v Acnologia and also was Erza"s mother. The motherly connection was a big reason why her death was for this reason sad. As 2 of the strongest women of the series, both mother and daughter to be in a cook battle, one where Irene had a slight edge. As it looked like she was going to land the final blow on Erza, Irene instead turned the tongue on herself. Her inability to death her very own daughter to be sad, as was the fact that she committed suicide.

Ur"s death happened earlier in the series, and she to be a character that never gained a totality lot of advancement as she only showed up in flashbacks and briefly throughout the Alvarez arc. Still, her death had a major impact ~ above the show. It"s why Gray was the means he was, blaming himself for years and fueling a rivalry v not only fellow student Lyon but additionally Ur"s daughter. Her dying words likewise hit fans appropriate in the heart and serve as proof that characters don"t constantly need to it is in well-established to have actually a sad death.

5 silver Fullbuster

No personality has had actually it quite as stormy as Gray has, shedding both his father and his mentor right before his eyes. It"s what helped shape him into one the the more well-rounded characters amongst the main cast.

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His fight with Silver throughout the Tartaros arc to be excellent and one that the better ones throughout it. The finish of it to be perfectly done when Silver pleaded with Gray to death him while his son was unable to do it. Furthermore, Silver stated no true dad would injury his son, totally repenting because that what he"d done.

As much as villains go, Zeref to be a an extremely interesting one. It is rarely to have actually an antagonist who only wants come die, come taste the sweet release that comes v it. The fact that his desire for fatality was for this reason innately entwined v Mavis make it all the much more interesting to watch unfold. Fans knew the his death would be bittersweet, and the 2 of castle admitting your love because that one another, lifting your curse in the process, was exactly that. It listed them both with a an excellent moment to wrap up their story.

3 August

With exactly how he was constructed up, fans had a sneaking uncertainty that there was more to August 보다 what was displayed on the surface. The wasn"t just going to be a generic bad guy because that Fairy Tail to overcome, and also that was proven right. He had the most depth of any of the Spriggan 12 and such a heart-wrenching fatality to go with it. Having been the son of Zeref and Mavis, respectable went with his life neglected and also never feeling the love a boy needs. That desire because that love ended up being his undoing as the vision of Mavis resulted in him to stop a dangerous spell, bring about his disintegration.

Simon was another example of a guy who made a large impact for the quick amount that time he to be on screen. If fans may argue that August and even Silver might be higher, Simon had actually one the the first sad deaths in the whole series. His sacrifice throughout the Tower of sky is part of the reason the arc is rightfully concerned as highly as the is. The fact that the jumped in former of Jellal"s spell to block an assault on Erza, the woman he loved, is still one of the best-done deaths in the whole series.

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1 Igneel

Igneel"s return was a pretty exciting moment and one that led to a fight with Acnologia that, when short, solidified both the them as powerhouses and provided proof for why they were so feared. He hosted his very own for a time prior to being easily overwhelmed through the substantial amount of power the black color dragon had, being torn in half by the battle"s end. That didn"t stop him from having a teary-eyed minute with Natsu, where he said his son that he would certainly be the one to loss the black dragon.

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