Does the stimulate of a perform matter? If X=<1,2,3> and also Y=<3,2,1>, is X=Y? does the bespeak of a sequence matter? I have actually been command to think these two mathematical data structures are the same, v the exception of order however I can not remember which has the stimulate restriction. Ns am using these state in a college level discrete mathematics context. Ns tried googling around, however the difference between lists and also sequences wasn't upheld in anything i found.

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Does the stimulate of a perform matter?

What execute you average by "list" here? That's no mathematical terminology.

Does the stimulate of a succession matter?


I have been command to believe these 2 mathematical data structures room the same, v the exception of order however I cannot remember which has the bespeak restriction.

The one that where order doesn't issue is a set. The one wherein order does issue is a tuple (pair if there's only two aspects in the tuple, triple if there room three), or "sequence", especially if it's an infinitely long tuple. "List" isn't math terminology and could refer to either relying on the context.

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