We every know exactly how bothersome flies can be in any type of outdoor gathering. Maintaining them far often way using harsh chemicals.

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What if ns told you that a common household cleaner, Pine-Sol, could be supplied to carry out this job? The factor it functions is because of pine oil that is in the initial Pine Sol.

But not just any Pine sol works. Review on to discover which variation to use and why this fly spray works.


Keep flies away with Pine Sol!


Sometimes, typical household assets can be supplied in unusual means to law insects. I newly tested Borax and also apple cider vinegar in a pursuit to death ants. Find out the results of mine Borax ant killer tests here.

We recently had actually a vast graduation party because that my daughter and the paris were a difficulty for us. At the time, ns did not realize the one method to keep flies away from mine tables was to usage the family cleaner pine sol.

I did a bit of research on the subject and also now i am sold!

Why go Pine-Sol defeat flies?

Pine oil is rather expensive, but very effective at keeping houseflies away. You deserve to test this by putting a couple of drops on a cotton ball and placing it near flies. Castle should easily fly away.


Other essential oils the are understood to loss flies space lavender oil, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil and also lemongrass oil.

I made a homemade mosquito repellent freshly with some necessary oils. Watch the DIY important oil mosquito repellent formula here.

Since this resolved so well, I decided to check out what I can find around repelling flies.

Pine oil and flies

A recent study proved that making use of pine oil is an extremely effective at repelling flies, also after 24 hours.

The findings about keeping flies away applies to concentrated pine oil, yet what about Pine Sol? The product has actually a strong pine scent. Does the contain pine oil?

Unfortunately because that those wanting to make a homemade fly repellent spray, the price is “it depends.”

The initial Pine Sol, a widely offered pine oil based cleaner, consisted of 8-12% pine tree oil, along with other ingredients. Alas, two things have happened end the years. The initial formula of pine tree Sol is no longer sold in stores and also Pine-Sol has actually changed!

Today, the cleaners that are branded as Pine-Sol save on computer no pine oil. However, in response to customer requests for the initial formula, Clorox, the owner of jaw Sol, has actually made available a product include 8.75% pine oil. This product is not sold in stores, however is obtainable to digital purchasers.

Trying to discover the Pine-Sol product with 8.75% pine oil is a difficulty if you space shopping locally.

The reason you cannot find the initial product in shop is the pine oil is rather expensive come manufacture. This is the key reason it was discontinued in the Pine-Sol brand.

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Homemade paris repellent spray

If you have actually some of the original Pine-Sol, you deserve to make this homemade fly repellent easily and quickly.


This spray is great for outdoor and also indoor use. Paris seem to hate pine-sol. To make the fly pushing back spray, mix the initial Pine-Sol v water, at a ratio of 50/50 and put it in a spray bottle. Use to wipe counters or spray on the porch and also patio table and furniture to drive the paris away.

Note: please take an alert that this homemade fly repellent spray is not meant to be used on children, pets, on your skin or near food. Act Pine-Sol paris repellent spray just as girlfriend would any kind of other chemical in your home.

What methods have you supplied to keep flies away because that outdoor parties?; please leave your comments below.

Label your homemade paris repellent bottle

Print the end the instruction card below, which has a brand for her spray bottle. Use a adhesive stick and attach the label to the party so that everyone will certainly be mindful of what is in the bottle.


Pin this homemade fly repellent because that later

Would you like a reminder that this post to store flies away through Pine Sol? just pin this picture to one of your family boards on Pinterest so that you deserve to easily uncover it later.

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Admin note: This article on just how to save flies away with Pine Sol very first appeared on the blog in June that 2013. I have update the write-up to include all new photos, much more information on jaw oil, a task card and also a printable label.