From former Disney star to talented musician, here's everything you must know around Ross Lynch.

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2. How old is Ross Lynch?

Ross Lynch is 25 years old. He was born on December 29, 1995. That provides him a Capricorn, in instance you to be wondering.


3. Exactly how tall is Ross Lynch?

According come multiple online sources, Ross is 6 feet tall, i m sorry is approximately 1.83m.


4. That is Ross Lynch dating? go he have actually a girlfriend?

Ross Lynch is dating his Sabrina co-star Jaz Sinclair – and the pair have been together since early 2019.Ross has actually previously date actress Courtney Eaton, but the pair damaged up in 2017. He is likewise said to have actually previously date dancer Morgan Larson after meeting while filming teenager Beach movie.


5. Is Ross Lynch date Jaz Sinclair?

Ross Lynch is date Sabrina co-star Jaz Sinclair. It’s rumoured the the two have been a pair since 2018, however they didn’t start to confirm their partnership until late 2019. They made their red carpet debut as a pair in January 2020 and officially confirmed their couple status in April of 2020.

6. Go Ross Lynch day Laura Marano?

Despite fan speculation around Ross Lynch’s partnership with Austin & ally co-star Laura Marano, the pair never ever dated. Ago in 2015, Laura recognized the fan speculation around their partnership saying: “I love that they love Austin and also Ally so much that they check out it in genuine life together well!” Ross and Laura are still great friends to this day and also celebrate each others turning points on social media.

7. Ross Lynch joined Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina actors in 2018

In march 2018, it to be announced the Ross Lynch had actually been actors in Netflix's Chilling Adventures that Sabrina. ~ the notice was made, Ross composed on Twitter "you guys are gonna party watch the shit out of this show."

8. Ross Lynch will play Harvey Kinkle the opposite Kiernan Shipka

Ross Lynch dram Harvey Kinkle, among the love understanding of Kiernan Shipka's character, Sabrina Spellman. The characters of Harvey and Sabrina space close in the initial live-action series and live in Greendale, the town on the other side that Sweetwater River. Harvey is mortal and also does no have any kind of magical abilities. Ross Lynch dyed his hair brown because that this role.

9. What TV shows and also movies has actually Ross Lynch been in?

Prior come his function on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Ross Lynch has appeared in a number of TV shows and movies. His first major on-screen duty was together Austin Moon in Austin & Ally. He additionally played Austin in Jessie and also Girl Meets World. Ross then went on to show up in Disney Channel’s teen Beach Movie, and also its sequel, together Brady (pictured). In 2014, he appeared in Muppets most Wanted and later walk on come play Jeffrey Dahmer in My friend Dahmer.

10. Ross Lynch played Austin in the Disney Channel show Austin & Ally

Ross' big acting break come in 2011 once he earn the role of Austin in the Disney Channel present 'Austin & Ally'. Ross play a young musician who achieves fame after being discovered in a viral internet video. The show ran for four seasons, eventually finishing in 2016.

11. Ross play Jeffrey Dahmer in 2017's My girlfriend Dahmer

Ross Lynch play the command in the 2017 biopic 'My friend Dahmer' around the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. Prior to that, Ross had primarily starred in films aimed in ~ younger audiences.

12. Who are Ross Lynch's siblings? Ross Lynch's household is additionally talented

Ross has two brother (Rocky and Riker Lynch) and one sisters (Rydel Lynch). He has functioned with all 3 as a music group dubbed R5. Ross is likewise the second cousin of Julianne and also Derek Hough.

13. Ross Lynch is additionally a talented musician

Ross Lynch is multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. Ross can play the guitar, piano, bass, and also drums. A song he videotaped for 'Teen Beach', 'Cruisin for a Bruisin' peaked at #83 top top Billboard's hot 100. He was also the lead vocalist in R5, alongside his siblings. Ross is at this time working on music with his brother Rocky under the moniker "The Driver Era".

14. Ross has a band with his family members members called R5

Ross has actually performed in the tape R5 along with with his three siblings and drummer Ellington Ratliffe (who that is not associated to) due to the fact that 2009. To date, R5 has released 2 studio albums and 5 EPs. R5 room signed come Hollywood records.

15. Ross and Rocky Lynch have actually a band dubbed The Driver Era

As of 2018, Ross and Rocky Lynch have released music together a duo under the moniker The Driver Era. In March, the duo dropped your debut single "Preacher Man". "Preacher Man" debuted at #39 on the Billboard charts.

16. Ross Lynch dram hockey when he's not acting or do music

On peak of his acting and singing, Ross likewise enjoys playing hockey. In 2017, he told W Magazine the he dram hockey a couple of time a week. In 2017, Ross played in one NHL Charity match in addition to other celebrities choose Justin Bieber and Steven R. McQueen.

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rosslynch, return the account only has a pair of videos ~ above it best now. Earlier in January 2020, Ross shared a video clip of himself and Jaz Sinclair dancing and getting all set for the Balmain show collection to Bruno Mars’ ‘Treasure’.

19. What is Ross Lynch's net worth?

Ross Lynch is claimed to have an estimated net precious of approximately $5million, follow to