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Ever wonder how long walk brewed tea last at room temperature? below is every little thing you need to know about making and also serving tea.


It"s easy to make a large batch of consistent tea for a party. Begin with a good quality tea that has plenty of time on the expiration date.

Estimate one drink per human per hour that the event.So, if the party is three hrs long, plan on each person having roughly three tea servings. That doesn’t mean each personwillhave that many drinks; part will have actually more, and some will have actually less. This is just a good average estimation.

Here is a guide for how much tea to serve a crowd through a break down of cup or glass serving sizes.

GallonCup SizeCup ExamplePractical Numberof Servings
1 gallon128 ounces6 ouncesSmall record orchina teacup20
1 gallon128 ounces8 ouncesMedium paperor tea mug15-16
1 gallon128 ounces10 ouncesWater glass or1 have the right to of soda12
1 gallon128 ounces12 ouncesTall glass9-10

Make her ice tea festive because that the party, serve through glasses full of ice cubes and also a wedge of lemon ~ above the pickled in salt or sprig of mint in the glass.

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