So there’s an opened up bottle the teriyaki sit in the kitchen room for fairly some time. You’re not sure if it’s still for sure to eat, or if you must discard it.

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and your aunt claimed that teriyaki sauce has to be refrigerated after opening. Go teriyaki sauce go bad?

That’s the type of concern that normally pops up in such a situation. You know that teriyaki is an alleged to last quite some time, but that comment around refrigerating it makes you feel uneasy.

Answers room what you need, and also in this article, I carry out answers to questions related to storage, shelf life, and if teriyaki sauce can go bad. If that’s what you’re spring for, review on.

Teriyaki chicken

How to keep Teriyaki Sauce?

You have to store teriyaki sauce pretty much the same way you store soy sauce. Since teriyaki is composed mostly of soy sauce, that’s no a surprise.

The bottle have to sit in a cool and also dry place, far from sunlight and also sources the heat. When it comes to an unopened bottle, both the pantry and a kitchen cabinet are perfectly fine areas to keep this condiment.

Once you open the bottle, the most necessary thing is always to keep the sealed tightly once not in use.

Now let’s talk around where to store teriyaki after ~ opening. In numerous places online you have the right to find people who insurance claim that it have to be refrigerated. That’s no true, just examine Kikkoman’s FAQ.

Having said that, keeping opened teriyaki in the refrigerator is the best option since this method the top quality is retained for longer. However if you use the totality bottle in ~ a couple of months, maintaining it in the kitchen cabinet is perfectly fine.


There’s a ton the salt in teriyaki sauce, and also salt is a organic preservative, therefore it renders sense that it keeps for a lengthy time unrefrigerated.

When it pertains to homemade teriyaki marinade, you have to adhere to the recommendations that came v the recipe. If over there weren’t any, simply put it into the fridge.

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Can You frozen Teriyaki Sauce?

Teriyaki sauce freezes fairly well. But prior to you freeze it, let’s first think if freezing it really makes sense.

Store-bought teriyaki has a an extremely long shelf life. Due to the fact that of that, even if making use of the totality bottle will take girlfriend a year or two, that’s no an issue.

Homemade teriyaki marinade, on the other hand, normally doesn’t have actually that lengthy shelf life, because it often includes perishable ingredients such as garlic. For this reason for homemade teriyaki, it definitely makes feeling to frozen it.

The easiest means to frozen teriyaki sauce is in an ice cube tray. This method you can easily thaw as lot teriyaki sauce as you need at a time. Here’s how to carry out it:

Pour the sauce into ice cube trays.Stick the trays right into the freezer and leave there until the sauce freezes.Take the ice cube tray out of the freezer and also carefully popular music the cubed sauce the end of the tray.Transfer the cubes right into a resealable freezer bag or bags. Include a label with the surname if needed.Put the freezer bag right into the freezer.

Another option for freeze teriyaki marinade is to freeze it v the meat. Prepare the marinade, to water it right into a freezer bag, add the meat and also massage the marinade into it, then chuck it into the freezer. When the time comes, girlfriend defrost the meat, and it’s ready for cooking.

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How lengthy Will Teriyaki Sauce Last?

Teriyaki sauce comes with a best by date. That day informs you exactly how long, in ~ the very least, the sauce will certainly be that the finest quality. That course, teriyaki won’t go negative or spoil ideal after the date. The sauce has a an extremely long shelf life, so the will conveniently be safe and also flavorful because that years longer than the day on the label.

When it pertains to an opened bottle, if you store it in the fridge, it must retain the best quality for up to a year. If you leaving in the kitchen cabinet, the time will certainly be lot shorter, prefer a couple of months (which is still fairly a long time).

Teriyaki (Unopened)Best by + 3 years
Teriyaki (Opened)3 – 6 months1 year

Please note that the dates over are approximate and for the finest quality only. Teriyaki sauce will remain safe to consume for much longer if save properly.

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How to Tell If Teriyaki Sauce Is Bad?

As currently mentioned, teriyaki has actually a lengthy shelf life. And it’s not prefer it’s going come spoil suddenly.

In virtually all cases, the sauce will be safe to use for years, however its taste will progressively change. At part point, you could not it is in happy about its odor anymore. Once that time comes, you more than likely need come discard the remainder of the bottle for top quality purposes.

Of course, life happens and things might go south. If the sauce has developed an off odor, or over there are any kind of signs of mold, litter it away. If something else appears wrong favor you noticed a adjust in appearance or something about its taste is not how it need to be, eliminate it.

These alters that I described are extremely unlikely come happen, but sometimes life finds its means and even teriyaki sauce can go bad.

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