Why does the $ go prior to ($9.99) and ¢ behind (99¢) the number?posted through mrunderhill to Grab Bag (21 answers total) 6 users marked this together a favorite
Yahoo Answers states this.

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The name of the currency usually precedes the worth which is why "$" appears before the lot of dollars. This is the case for most currencies in the world. The cent portion, however, comes about in a very different way. ... That"s due to the fact that you space saying "52 that 100" when you speak 52 cents. Makes sense.posted by katillathehun in ~ 3:26 afternoon on might 4, 2009
Except the doesn"t make any kind of sense, katillathehun, because in English (American English, anyways) you say "ten dollars" or "five dollars twenty cents," v the point counted coming 2nd like in every other construction. The genuine reason is probably simply convention v no depth meaning. The does help to have the currency symbol very first for readability.posted by Electrius in ~ 3:46 afternoon on might 4, 2009 <1 favorite>
The decimal point, and also pennies supplied to have a lot more significance than they do now.posted by effluvia in ~ 3:53 afternoon on may 4, 2009
It just depends on neighborhood convention. In numerous countries the authorize goes after the number, or is even used as the decimal mark. This is very well depicted with the selection of methods for the Euro alone.posted through randomstriker in ~ 3:54 afternoon on might 4, 2009
One possibility, and also I litter it out there just as such, is the this is the way it is precisely because it provides the two marks distinct.¢99 and also $99. Stand method back. They can be conveniently confused.Ah, but 99¢ and also $99, currently you have the right to tell lock are different from a distance.It"s just an idea.posted through adipocere in ~ 4:06 afternoon on may 4, 2009 <5 favorites>
I prefer to put the $/¢ after ~ solid numbers, ie 9$, and also if there"s a decimal, placed it in front. Ns think its formal vs informal usage.posted by wongcorgi at 4:10 afternoon on may 4, 2009
The AP Stylebook proposal you lead through the $ sign and also the spell out "cents" because that anything less than a dollar.As a friend ptcouncil.neted the other day, "Loan me $3 because that a hot dog?"Or together the scary Mexican who hangs out in prior of my edge liquor says, "Hey mister, you obtained 50 cents I can borrow?"The Stylebook additionally says to create out cardinal numbers once they are at the start of a sentence, yet use the Arabic numerals once they room mid-sentence.I can"t find any usage guides because that the "¢" symbol, although I have actually misplaced mine Chicago Manual and beloved hand-operated of style seems to have actually walked turn off too. Though, I would certainly be suspiciously of the use almost everywhere outside that a super industry circular.posted by wfrgms in ~ 4:30 afternoon on may 4, 2009
I don"t know why we do, however there"s no compelling logic to placing the sign for the minor division after. Prior to UK"s money was decimalized, they suggested monetary amounts as L5s4d1 (5 pounds, 4 shillings, one pence).posted by adamrice at 4:31 afternoon on may 4, 2009
Except the doesn"t make any kind of sense, katillathehun, due to the fact that in English (American English, anyways) you speak "ten dollars" or "five dollars twenty cents," with the thing counted coming second like in every other construction.While that is true, the OP is ptcouncil.neting about written amounts, no spoken, and it does it seems to be ~ logical that a number would certainly be very first set turn off by the form of money whereas the cent sign, literally an interpretation "of 100," would loss at the end. Not that I"m an government on this. I"m simply saying that by the logic described in the answer i linked, yes... It does kind of do sense.posted by katillathehun at 4:34 afternoon on may 4, 2009
Katikkathehun"s comment might not do sense, yet at least it makes cents....That said, this short write-up talks about the beginning of the dollar sign itself and also it appears in the start it wasn"t necessarily before the number. It can have been v at act of congress the the dollar sign prior to the number gained popularity. Yes, ns did part research just so I can make a pun.posted through Midnight Rambler at 5:05 pm on might 4, 2009 <2 favorites>
Might over there be a connection to "percentage," given that the percent sign additionally follows the number (in English)?posted through Jeff Howard in ~ 5:26 afternoon on may 4, 2009
I simply checked the end some records from the 1680s, and also they placed the £ after ~ the number - actually, this particular clerk created "li" for libra.They additionally put the s (shillings) or d (pence) marks after ~ the numbers. For this reason whenever the £ began going prior to (as the does, similar to the $), it to be after the 1680s.posted through jb at 6:13 pm on may 4, 2009
adamrice - in at least the 1680s (and somewhat later, from what I"ve seen), British money would look favor this: 10£6s2d - only with the £ or li, s, and d regularly in superscript. Uneven they were written out in words, of course.posted by jb in ~ 6:16 pm on might 4, 2009
Domain:A dissension is the surname of a currency. A cent is not.posted by fleacircus in ~ 6:39 pm on might 4, 2009
Electrius: The actual reason is probably just convention v no depths meaning. The does assist to have the money symbol first for readability.

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There is no such thing. Conventions constantly have a source, yet arbitrary.posted through koeselitz in ~ 8:03 pm on may 4, 2009
I constantly thought one reason is when doing something like writing checks, placing the $ an initial makes it harder because that someone to include extra number in order come (illicitly) rise the amount.If you create 89.15$ then someone could easily include a number or 2 up prior to do 9889.15$.If you write $89.15 then you deserve to easily add numbers at the end I suppose but it doesn"t really have actually the same effect as including them in ~ the first: $89.1543.I don"t have any kind of backup for this theory, though.Except--it is somewhat similar to the way in some old roman character writing they would make the last "i" right into a "j", like VIJ (for 7). Otherwise you might come along and include another "i" or two--which might be really undesirable if the number is relenten money or something rather valuable.posted by flug in ~ 8:26 afternoon on might 4, 2009 <1 favorite>
In French (in Canada in ~ least) the dollar sign comes in ~ the finish 5$ and 19.99$. The is spoken in the very same word order together in English (if I"m no mistaken). In Quebec, world order has actually not been diminished to chaos as result of its dollar sign placement.posted through kch at 9:41 afternoon on might 4, 2009
I"d speak the dollar sign prior to the number is merely wrong for printed matter, much as the closeup of the door quote ~ the punctuation is merely wrong follow to Fowler"s modern English Usage. All systems belong ~ the number logically speaking. But English obviously isn"t much for uniformizing other grammer or order features.I uncover flung"s application compelling because that checks and forms specifically, but you should additionally write your cents little & underlined, also if they are 00, and write out the words in print followed by a line, and also presumably don"t write the words because that the cents.posted by jeffburdges at 11:48 afternoon on may 4, 2009
I don"t really view the cent marker provided that much any type of more. I always see it as $.99 with the decimal to suggest it"s much less than a dollar.posted by tylerfulltilt at 7:31 to be on may 5, 2009
But English clearly isn"t much for uniformizing other grammer or assignment features.Fair enough, yet currencies in non-English speaking countries often put the money symbol first, as viewed above.posted by Chrysostom at 6:01 to be on may 6, 2009
This inquiry is the factor I nearly failed third grade math.posted through jrishel at 7:46 to be on may 6, 2009
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