Alright, time because that the first song analysis. What better way to start my blog off 보다 with among my an individual favorite song "Don"t Drop the Thun Thun Thun". What aridiculousyet attractive song. So what does this yes, really mean? First, i am going to provide a small background on this brand-new music group and also what they room all about.The Finnaticz were formed in 2009 in Los Angeles California. Follow to their tape website, "The Finatticz is all around making Party music that the roads respect,without watering under the hood." everything that is an alleged to mean. The band consists of Killa F, Jayahrah the Truth, EZ the Great, and also Nyce. If those names aren"t acquiring you excited for this song, i don"t know what would.Before I analysis the song, allow me describe what "Thun Thun" is. I believed it had actually something to perform with shaking her booty doo at the club however its not. I definitely didn"t know what the was until this last week as soon as I was hanging out through the nearest medicine dealer. (not really). City Dictionary defines that "Thun Thun" isecstasy. So through that in we go.

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Lyrics:Don"t drop the thun thun (aayyy...)Don"t drop the thun thunDon"t drop that thun thun (aayyy...)Don"t drop the thun thunDon"t fall the ecstacy.
O-O-O it s okay is the rulaNight man cookaKeep me a rookaPop me a pupaThe warmth is where I prospered upSo It"s what ns threw upAfter a long difficult look at this well-thought-out lyrics, ns really can"t even begin to know what these lyrics mean. What I have the right to understand is the they were probably onecstasywhen the track was written.Sicker than a mothafu,might litter my food upHoop coola nobody losersYou had good brainsI ain"t even had to college herMeet me at 2"thaI just want to execute herPass it come the inc.And let mine bro screw herThe an interpretation of this must typical that she was already great at law the dirty but he clearly doesn"t care for she so he shares v his friend. Because apparently girl now-a-days have no class and will simply do what he wantsbecausehe"s a large money makin laboratory star. SIKE.Im killin and Ill be that wayI acquired a big appetite for some - and weedI said my money is greenAnd my thun thun is blueAnd If i pop the biiiShe gon popular music one tooEcstacy come in plenty of colors, but he’s saying his is blue. And if that is gonna have some ecstacy, so is the girl that is with.Okay she poppin" tooNow she"s obtaining like metheyre both suffering the exact same sensations.. I m sorry is a human body high, a feel an excellent feeling and you love everyoneI said we"re jerkinAnd we stumpin(dancing)But can"t capture the beatWe can"t capture the beatBut I"m feelin" my danceI had actually one pill leftAnd it dropped on mine hand, Dang.. He just dropped his THUN THUN THUN.Don"t drop that thun thun (aayyy...)Don"t drop that thun thunDon"t drop the thun thun (aayyy...)Don"t drop the thun thunAlright oh my quality I"m turned up(Drunk)I obtained a bottle you got a cupYou hit the dougie(a run move)I 2 step(a run move)Your not with ItI"m the Rep.You can make a chick about usShe recognize my totality crew She gained a song too Ret her boys in the society like,"What that do?"The Girl they are with is down through their finaticz crew and shes gonna throw down a rap too.FiNNaTTic gang Ho now who the f- room youI"m E.G I"m never ever turned under (EZ the great is always drunk)This confront on this ain"t no frownSippin" top top somebodys" girl goin downLike 3, 2, 1Where your girl at Now? (Your girl is currently on EZ)3 pills under that"s top top meand the wouldn"t be a songif ns didn"t speak eeeiii!!(He isdefinitelyon drugs)So, Don"t drop that thun thunGirl rotate the duty upAnd we gon keep it goingWhen the watch come ago alongSay yeahh if friend drop It(what???!!)Just pick it upand seize a bad bitchand head come the cut(what???!!)(If friend drop her ecstacy, simply pick it up and also grab a girl who thinks shes bad and also go come the society to get high through her)

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A catchy however pointless track that will most likely be topping turn off the charts ~ above itunes in the following month or so. Nobody knows why. If girlfriend lost mind cells while analysis this, ns am deep sorry. Yet when you hear to the song and also your to dance it will certainly all consist of for it. And remember to Don"t drop the thun thun thun.