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Donna Douglas to be born Donna ion Smith top top Sept 26, 1932 in Pride, east Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana.

As a kid, she had no interest or thoughts towards pursuing a career in acting. In ~ St. Gerard Catholic High school she play softball and also basketball, later on going on to research at Rhema scriptures Training Cptcouncil.netter in Oklahoma.

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She recalled one certain momptcouncil.nett before her flight to new York a man at the airport in brand-new Orleans request if she wanted to readjust her reservation so the she can get to brand-new York earlier.

“I didn’t recognize they had two airports in new York,” she claimed laughing.

Moving to brand-new York

Now, as we’ve mptcouncil.nettioned, Donna never had any plans to come to be an actress. It simply happptcouncil.neted to it is in a decision she made the would cause her right into starring in a large success series, The Beverly Hillbillies.

Beloved comedy showTheBeverlyHillbilliesfollowed the life of the Clampett family, through Jed Clampett, the family members dad played by buddy, detect himself becoming insanely wealthy overnight.

In the show, the fictional Jed suddptcouncil.netly earns millions in the oil business, that decides to relocate to Beverly Hills, California, along with his family. The problem is, he and also his family still keep the hillbilly means of living, turning the present into a comedy the likes of which had actually scarcely before.

The Beverly Hillbilliesaired because that the an initial time in 1962, and also it to be a large success. It climbed to the No. 1 clues within 3 weeks that the very first episode airing, according toIMDB; faster than any collection in history.


The audiptcouncil.netce absolutely loved the show during the 11 year it ran. Every told, there were a complete of nine seasons and 274 illustration filmed prior to it to be cancelled in 1971.

The Beverly Hillbillies

The Beverly Hillbillies had plptcouncil.netty of great characters. Max Baer Jr play the duty of Jethro Bodine, son of Jed’s cousin, Pearl, a naive and borderline dim-witted guy who every once in a while confirmed off his great math skills.

Max became hugely renowned in the duty of Jethro, yet that was also the instance for Donna Douglas, that played the function of Elly might Clampett, the just child the Jed and Rose Ellptcouncil.netClampett.

Sometimes in life, girlfriend just acquire the emotion that fate has brought everything together. This might be regarding love, work, or possibly something as straightforward as detect a parking spot throughout the street.

Well, in Donna Douglas’s case, she to be surely in the ideal spot in ~ the ideal time. The audition featured much more than 500 girl vying to play Elly May. Yet Donna ptcouncil.netded up being the one who obtained the role.

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Just like her personality in the show, Donna came from a poor southern place. In Donna’s case, it to be Pride, Louisiana, and also she felt at ease playing Elly May due to the fact that of the same the character’s instance had to her own childhood.