The twin Dressers aren't simply for keeping your wardrobe tucked far – lock also include style come your grasp suite, a spot come stage, a display that's all her own, or even work double-time together a vanity when paired with a mirror. Take this one because that example: crafted indigenous solid pine wood, it functions curved front legs and a neutral solid finish for versatility. Spanning around 4' wide, it consists of six drawers for stowing.

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Material: Composite WoodSafety Stop: YesDrawer Glide Material: MetalDrawer Glide Mechanism: round Bearing GlidesDresser treatment Instructions: stop use that abrasive cleaners

Add storage room into your residence for her clothing and also extra litter or pillows v this 6 drawer dresser. In a stylish, mid-century modern design special angled legs and cutout handle of solid pine tree wood.

Tipover Restraint machine Included: YesAdult Assembly Required: YesDrawer Glide Mechanism: timber SlideDrawer Glide Material: Wood

This chest stores her wardrobe in an understated, Scandinavian-inspired design. It attributes a neutral-hued finish and also a clean-lined silhouette. The 4 drawers sit on round bearing glides and offer plenty of preventive storage space in her bedroom because that anything indigenous sweaters to slacks. Plus, they have actually soft-close usability so girlfriend won't make too lot noise getting ready in the morning. Slim metal manage pulls complete the look. Assembly required.

Tipover Restraint maker Included: YesRemoveable Hardware: YesAdult Assembly Required: YesDrawer Glide Mechanism: round Bearing GlidesDrawer Glide Material: Metal

Tuck away tanks, tees, and trousers in this clean-linedArlot 6 Drawer twin Dresser. Do from manufactured wood with pine veneers, Arlot double Dresser functions six drawers on metal glides with cutout handles and also safety stop that administer a place for her wardrobe. A neutral finish gives this style the versatility to blend with any type of color palette girlfriend pick. Extending 46.5" wide, its top supplies a spot to present off framed family members photos, artful accents and also potted plants for a personal touch. Assembly is required.

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Material: produced WoodMaterial Details: Pine and also compositesSafety Stop: YesDrawer Glide Material: MetalDresser care Instructions: protect against use that abrasive cleaners

Timeless in design, the Storkcraft Brookside 6 drawer Dresser combines slender, metal handles and modern-day bracket feet because that a innovative style. Featuring six spacious drawers on euro-glide steel tracks and safety stops, this dresser can securely store all her child’s clothes, toys, and also other belongings. Fastened v German camer locks and also finished with high-quality laminate in a choice of rich colors and also finishes, this dresser is durable and resistant to dust or accidental spills. The Storkcraft Brookside 6 drawer Dresser is expertly tested to meet all applicable federal safety standards, in enhancement to commonwealth anti-tipping standards. Design to coordinate with any home furniture and built to thrive with your child well right into adolescence, the Storkcraft Brookside 6 drawer Dresser offers an abundance of warehouse in an affordable package.

Material: manufactured WoodMaterial Details: Engineered WoodSafety Stop: YesDrawer Glide Material: MetalDrawer Glide Mechanism: Roller Glides