Fable 2 overview - sweetheart Island of Doom

Next is the involving Treasure Island of doom quest. Set it up as usual and then go and speak to the drunk in Bloodstone tavern. He"s certain he"s checked out a ghost in the cavern by the waterfront yet nobody believes him, mainly because he hangs the end in the dingiest pub in Albion presumably. This is fairly a long-winded quest, therefore be certain you have about fifty percent an hour to view it through, then head the end of the tavern come the cave he has actually pointed out. Dive turn off the ledge in front of you as you enter, then climb out of the water and up the wooden ramp past the galleon docked in the cave.You won"t meet any enemies till you concerned the out-of-place door. It leads to a mess-hall complete of pirates, passionate to defend their captain and also their booty. They may be ghosts but they can be conveniently despatched using comparable techniques come Bandits. Inferno and flourishes job-related well, and also using advanced Dead to draw attention away from you yourself isn"t a negative idea either. In the next room you need to uncover the move to unlock the door (clever world these pirate-ghosts) i beg your pardon is in the peak left-hand corner as you enter the room. This gives you passage into the captain"s an individual quarters after ~ a spiral staircase, wherein you can find the key to his chest in the drawers by his bed. Unlock the chest to acquire a lever, i beg your pardon you can then use all the way back in the main cave (turn best as soon as you leave the building) come raise the water level and also make the ship sea-worthy. Vault across the gap and also onto the ship and the captain and also his motley crew will appear. Focus on his foot-soldiers as the captain is supervising for the moment. V them the end of the method you have the right to feel free to focus on the guy himself.

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Will strikes are weak versus him, therefore ranged and also accurate fire is the way to go. Try to stop his melee attacks if possible, and once defeated you will acquire his treasure map, giving you access to a secret area that Albion and also a plethora of endowment up because that grabs.Head up to the helm and also press A by the wheel to end up being at one with the ship and also see it steer the end of the harbour and also to the place on the map. Pretty sweet.

Once ago on dry-land friend are provided the task of finding 10 treasures on Lion"s Head Isle. Why this info wasn"t marked on the map is anyone"s guess. The very first can be discovered in the delivery wreckage ahead and also to the left of whereby you start. Explore underneath the wreck"s overhang to uncover it. The next can be discovered by following the path throughout the beach and into the grassy area uphill. Jump under on her left to land on height of the very same shipwreck where you can additionally find a chest, containing 1500 gold, as with the various other 9, permitting a complete of 13500 yellow from this one quest.

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Next, head earlier up to the exact same path and also walk increase the allude where friend are prompted to dive right into the water off the tall jump. Rather of that, jump off the left hand next onto a platform underneath for the third chest. You can uncover the next stash in a chest on the main isle that this canyon, and also the 5th in a dive-spot nearby. Walk approximately in circles on the main isle for a brief while and also your dog should find a dig-spot v the sixth. Seventh can be discovered underneath one of the waterfall to the left of whereby you land indigenous the jump right into the water. Climb the end of the watery canyon and head right into the cavern to find chest number eight in an opened on the left. Drop down onto the ledge listed below after exiting this cave to acquire chest nine. Continue ago to the beach then follow the spit that land come the much left by swim then transforming round the finish of it to discover the final chest. Head ago to the ship through all ten in the bag, activate the wheel as before and the drunken pirate will accomplish you together you disembark earlier into Bloodstone. You need to now have enough renown to take on the remainder of the Hero of ability quest, however the remainder of the quests from this component of your life in the video game are now comprehensive below.