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Weapon mode Removal

» Fri might 07, 2010 4:04 to be

Alright therefore I just realize that i didn"t want a scope on my gun anymore, in the genuine world, simply unattach it, but in autumn you need to wield it to the pistol or something because its difficult to remove.My idea is simple, but since its late, and I am not on mine PC.Here is what i am thinking.Create a manuscript that gets your present weapon, discover the mods, include the base weapon to you inventory, and the mods to your inventory and also the remove the modded weapon. Haven"t looked right into the in reality commands, any one recognize if this is possible?If so and I spend some free time do the efforts to produce it, perform you men think girlfriend would use it?
Jonathan WindmonPosts: 3410Joined: Wed Oct 10, 2007 12:23 pm

» Fri might 07, 2010 8:37 am

Honestly, not really. Any gun that you have the right to equip a mode to, is not a distinct one. I"d just merchant shop for an additional weapon. However, I"d most likely switch location on it relying on how versatile you can make the script. Eventually I think someone will certainly come increase with extr gun mods. At the point, swapping mode sounds much much better then transferring 20 guns around. Night vision scoped laser rifle v Micro fusion breeders? five joy!
Romy WelschPosts: 3329Joined: Wed Apr 25, 2007 10:36 pm
There"s no really a factor to take it a mode off due to the fact that the mods are details to that weapon type... If you can take the scope and put that on a different gun that can be different.
have actually you tried creating a crafting cooking recipes to take the weapon and also turn it right into its component components via a breakdown recipe?(Which is more than likely the easiest means to carry out it, depending upon how weapon mods to be coded.)
I"d favor to be able to remove mods from broken guns and then reuse the mode elsewhere. Having a mode that you can"t find for sale all over stuck to a total that"s walk to cost 6000 caps to repair isn"t cool.

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I"d like to have the ability to remove mods from damaged guns and also then reuse the mods elsewhere. Having actually a mode that girlfriend can"t find for sale everywhere stuck come a gun that"s going to price 6000 caps to repair isn"t cool.