Season 3, illustration 5 Airdate respectable 8, 2001 Production Number 2ACX22 Written by Mike Barker,Matt Weitzman directed by Bert Ring← 3x04One if through Clam, 2 if by Sea3x06 →Death Lives Family Guy — Season Three
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And the Wiener Is... is the 5th episode the the third season of household Guy, and the thirty-third illustration overall.

In this episode, Peter starts to feel inferior come his son, Chris, upon realizing that the size of his penis is smaller than his son"s. Also, Meg provides her recent attempt come become part of the popular clique in ~ school.

Starring: Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green, Mila Kunis

Also Starring: Patrick Duffy (Jack Green), Mike Henry, Rachael MacFarlane, Danny Smith, Tara Strong, Patrick Warburton, Lisa Wilhoit, Debra Wilson

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Plot Overview

As they communicate in a collection of father-son bonding activities, Peter realizes that kris is beginning to gain ground top top him and begins to cheat so he can proceed to organize the edge. After an outing to the gym, Peter and Chris go into the sauna come relax. There, after Chris removes his towel, Peter realizes the the dimension of Chris" dick is larger than his. Peter provides a vast deal around it, and nobody — not his doctors and certainly not Lois — deserve to talk him out of the silly concept that the size of one"s private parts makes the man.

A suddenly and deeply insecure Peter hides Stewie in his pants pockets to shot to admire others, and also later, the buys a sports car with a lengthy hood. ~ the last activity, that drives through a tunnel, just to repeatedly interact in the highly dangerous activity of backing up and racing the car through the tunnel (simulating sexual penetration) ... Till his luck operation out and involves the auto in a head-on collision with a truck. Peter escapes unhurt, but his proud is shaken and also takes a beating as soon as a party bus cd driver by the step ... And the bikini-clad female passenger laugh in ~ him. Later, Peter join a local gun society — the nationwide Gun combination — to shot to gain back his self-worth somehow, this time by reasoning that gun ownership will make up for the perceived absence of his anatomical gifts. Once taking kris hunting, they are struck by a bear. Peter cowers in are afraid while chris is able to operation the bear off. Peter finally gets the hint that being a guy is not about the size of one"s personal parts, but about (among various other things) showing bravery in conflict and dangerous situations. Peter and also Chris make up, and all"s well.

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Meanwhile, Meg tries the end for cheerleader, just to be scorned by team captain Connie D"Amico, the self-appointed "most well-known girl at school." The self-centered and also incredibly ill-personaed Connie directs Meg come the flag squad, and also makes the team. Throughout their very first performance, number of of the school"s jocks play a cruel hoax by catapulting rotten meat onto Meg simply as the performance is ending; rather of gift outraged, the group is extremely amused together the school management — additionally taking delight in Meg"s humiliation — go nothing. Meg decides come play an excellent sport and eventually do the efforts to make friends through Connie. Connie accepts Meg as a friend and also invites her to she 16th date of birth party. Lois tries to warn Meg the she"s about to be let down and tries to recommend her on just how to take treatment of Connie and her friends. Meg pen this off, however Lois is later on proven right when Connie springs her sadistic prank ~ above Meg. Throughout what she defines as a game dubbed "Heaven," Meg and also one of the well-known boys retreat come a closet, supposedly come kiss in personal for seven minutes; instead, the closet door opens and also the just thing Meg is kissing is a pig, hosted by the well-known boy. Meg is humiliated and also runs to mommy, just to find out that Lois had currently anticipated what to be going to happen and also hatches she counterplan. Simply then, the doorbell ring at the D"Amicos, and it"s Quagmire, feather to have actually sex through Connie and also her friends.


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