"All things were under that is domain . . . Its power was such the no one could hope to escape that is scrutiny."Which european institution during the Middle periods is best described through this statement?1)The Guild2)Knighthood3)The Church4)The nation-state

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The Middle eras in west Europe was defined by 1)The manor system and also the importance of land ownership2)Absolute monarchies and strong main government3)Decreased emphasis on religion in daily life4)Extensive trade with Asia and also the center East
Feudal societies are generally characterized by1)An emphasis on society order2)A representative government3)Many financial opportunities4)The security of political rights
The art, music, and philosophy that the medieval period in Europe typically dealt with1)Human clinical achievements2)Religious themes3)Materialism4)Classic Greek and Roman subjects
In Europe during the middle Ages, the pressure that detailed unification and stability was the 1)Central government in Rome2)Military alliance in between France and also Germany3)Federation of craft guilds4)Roman Catholic Church
Feudalism in western Europe was similar to feudalism in Japan in the 1)Power was based on class relationships2)Equality amongst the society classes3)Direct democracy4)Monotheism
Which is a characteristic of a feudal society?1)Rapid society change2)High proficiency rate3)Industrial based economy4)Rigid course structure
In europe feudal society, an individual"s social standing was generally determined by1)Birth2)Education and also training3)Individual abilities4)marriage
Which financial system exist in Europe during the at an early stage Middle Ages?1)Free market2)Socialism3)Manorialism4)Command
The roman Catholic Church during the Middle periods in Europe can ideal be defined as a church that1)Favored separation from secular governments2)Avoided involvement in social and educational matters3)Was a solid force the divided plenty of people4)Was a stability influence throughout a period of weak central governments
In Europe, a lengthy term impact of the crusades was1)The increase of the feudal system2)The adoption of Islamic spiritual practices3)An increased need for items from the East4)Increased europe isolation
Which statement ideal describes the result of the Crusades?1)Europeans preserved a lasting manage over much of the middle East2)Islamic influence conquered Europe3)Europeans arisen tolerance that non-Christian religions4)Trade in between Europe and the Middle eastern expanded
What were two indirect results of the Crusades?1)Trade and also commerce increased and the feudal system was strengthened2)Trade and also commerce declined and the feudal mechanism was strengthened3)Trade and commerce increased and the feudal mechanism was weakened4)Trade and also commerce declined and also the feudal system was weakened
In Europe, the campaigns resulted in1)Greater isolation the the an ar from the world2)An increased demand for products from the center East and also Asia3)The adoption of Islam as the official religion of numerous European nations4)The increase of the feudal system
The crusades have been dubbed "history"s most successful failures." which statement finest explains this expression?1)The crusades did not achieve their original goals, yet they brought about many desirable alters in Europe.2)Although the Crusaders recorded the divine Land, they were unable come bring around democratic reforms.3)The Crusaders assisted bring about the fall of the roman Empire.4)The Crusaders prevent the Turks from recording Constantinople for many centuries.
1)The campaigns did not achieve their initial goals, however they brought around many desirable changes in Europe.
A major goal that the Christian Church during the crusades (1096-1291) to be to 1)Establish Christianity in western Europe2)Capture the holy Land indigenous Islamic rulers3)Unite warring Arab peoples4)Strengthen English supremacy in the Arab world
In Europe during the center Ages, increases in trade and commerce resulted in1)Lower living criter for commercial workers2)Decreased economic rivalry in between kings3)Increased political strength for the clergy4)Development that towns and cities
Which to be a result of the advertising Revolution?1)Decline in populace growth in Europe2)Shift of power fro western Europe to eastern Europe3)Spread that feudalism throughout western Europe4)Expansion of European influence overseas
Which system developed as a result of the commercial Revolution?1)Manorialism2)Communism3)Bartering4)Market economy

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