The greatest feasible error calculator listed below will uncover the error for you no issue how huge the number you enter is. Get in a number followed by the unit.

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However, leaving a room between the number and also the unit. This calculator will help you master the concept.

                     Greatest feasible error

What is the greatest feasible error (GPE)? No measure up is perfect. Whenever you space doing part measurement, there is a good likelihood the it is no exact.

Definition: The greatest possible error in a measure is half of the measuring unit.

For example, what is the greatest feasible error for 8 cm?

8 centimeter was measured to the nearest 1 cm, so the measure up unit is 1 cm.  The greatest possible error is 0.5 times 1 or 0.5 cm.

What is the GPE because that 4.2 inches?

This time 4.2 was measured come the nearest tenth the an customs or 0.1 inch, so the measure up unit is 0.1. The GPE is 0.5 times 0.1 inch or 0.05 inch.

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Real life application of the greatest feasible error

You measure a garden the is rectangular as displayed in the diagram. Find the minimum and also maximum area that the garden. 


The measurements were made come the nearest foot, therefore the greatest possible error is 0.5 foot.

The width of the garden could be as little as 27 - 0.5 = 26.5 or as big as 27 + 0.5 = 27.5

The length of the garden could be as small as 18 - 0.5 = 17.5 or as big as 18 + 0.5 = 18.5

The minimum area = 26.5 × 17.5 = 463.75 square feetThe maximum area = 27.5 × 18.5 = 508.75 square feet

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