Which of the following features is associated with the skin? A. Fat manufacturing B. Protection against ultraviolet radiation that the sun C. Vitamin A manufacturing D. Regulation of body pH E. Vitamin C production
The integumentary system has countless functions, among which is A. Prevention of albinism. B. Detection the heat and touch. C. Regulation that acid-base balance. D. Manufacturing of Vitamin E. E. Defense from cancer.

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The class of epithelium the covers the skin is called the A. Hypodermis. B. Epidermis. C. Dermis. D. Papillary layer. E. Mesodermis.
This condition is identified by a thicker-than-normal stratus corneum producing huge silvery scales. A. Eczema B. Psoriasis C. Vitiligo D. Decubitus ulcer E. Bullae
Which kind of skin cancer is the most common? A. Kaposi"s sarcoma B. Melanoma C. Psoriasis D. Basal cell carcinoma E. Squamous cell carcinoma
Melanoma can be recognize early and treated v the application of a unique rule. I m sorry of the following is not a test offered to recognize if a mole is cancerous? A. Summer sprouts B. Diameter C. Border D. Asymmetry E. Color
Which kind of skin cancer is the many deadly? A. Kaposi"s sarcoma B. Basal cabinet carcinoma C. Melanoma D. Squamous cabinet carcinoma E. Psoriasis
Which that the following statements concerning the epidermis is true? A. The epidermis contains numerous blood vessels. B. The epidermis is an extremely permeable to water-soluble molecules. C. The epidermis is nourished through blood vessels located in the dermis. D. The most plenty of cells in the epidermis are the melanocytes. E. The dermis is superficial come the epidermis.
9. The epidermis A. Is composed of loose connective tissue. B. Is comprised mostly of melanocytes. C. Is written of the reticular and also papillary layers. D. Is thicker 보다 the dermis. E. Has no blood vessels.
Which cell of the epidermis are component of the immune system? A. Keratinocytes B. Langerhans cells C. Melanocytes D. Fibroblasts E. Merkel cells
Fingerprints and footprints are developed by projections into the epidermis called A. Cleavage lines. B. Dermal striae. C. Dermal papillae. D. Reticular lines. E. Melanocytes.
Parallel curving ridges of dermis that form the overlying epidermis into fingerprints A. Improve the fixed of the hands. B. Are caused by the pattern of the reticular great of the dermis. C. Are connected with thin skin. D. Decrease friction ~ above surfaces whereby they space located. E. Have tendency to make the surface ar smooth.
Keratinocytes A. Create skin pigments in cabinet organelles dubbed melanosomes. B. Space responsible because that the reduction of water loss indigenous the skin. C. Determine thickness of the skin. D. Space special cells of the immune system. E. Are discovered in both the dermal and also the epidermal great of the skin.
. Keratinization A. Occurs in the dermis. B. Produce a great of cell that stand up to abrasion. C. Determines skin color. D. Outcomes in the development of new epidermal cells. E. Walk not affect permeability qualities of the epidermis
As skin cells move toward the surface ar of the body, they produce a protein that reduces water loss. This procedure is dubbed A. Desquamation. B. Pollination. C. Keratinization. D. Germination. E. Melaninization.
A breakdown of the procedure of keratinization results in the problem known as A. Acne. B. Psoriasis. C. Jaundice. D. Cyanosis. E. Impetigo.
The class of epidermis the undergoes mitosis and forms new epidermal cells is the A. Stratum lucidum. B. Stratum granulosum. C. Stratum basale. D. Stratum corneum. E. Stratum dermum.
The stratum basale A. Contains cells that undergo meiosis to kind new epidermal cells. B. Has a mixture that living and dead cells - greatly dead. C. Is easily burned when you obstacle your hand together. D. Consists of many blood vessels the nourish the epidermis. E. Consists of cells the undergo mitosis to type new epidermal cells.
The hatchet "stratum germinativum" is sometimes used to refer to the A. Stratum granulosum. B. Stratum basale. C. Stratum lucidum. D. Stratum spinosum. E. Stratum corneum.
In i m sorry layer that the epidermis are lamellar bodies formed inside keratinocytes? A. Stratum corneum B. Stratum spinosum C. Stratum granulosum D. Stratum basale E. Stratum lucidum
In which layer the the epidermis space granules of keratohyalin formed? A. Stratum basale B. Stratum granulosum C. Stratum spinosum D. Stratum corneum E. Stratum lucidum
Which class of the epidermis is found in only a few areas of the body? A. Stratum lucidum B. Stratum spinosum C. Stratum granulosum D. Stratum corneum E. Stratum basale
This class of skin is composed of keratinocytes. A. Epidermis B. Hypodermis C. Papillary great D. Reticular great E. Big marks
Excessive shedding that this great of the epidermis the the scalp is responsible for dandruff. A. Stratum corneum B. Stratum basale C. Stratum lucidum D. Stratum granulosum E. Stratum spinosum
25. Which of the following represents the correct order of the layers of the epidermis native the deepest to the many superficial? A. Stratum basale, stratum spinosum, stratum granulosum, stratum lucidum, and stratum corneum B. Stratum basale, stratum granulosum, stratum lucidum, stratum spinosum, and stratum corneum C. Stratum spinosum, stratum basale, stratum lucidum, stratum corneum, and stratum granulosum D. Stratum lucidum, stratum granulosum, stratum corneum, stratum basale, and also stratum spinosum E. Stratum corneum, stratum lucidum, stratum granulosum, stratum spinosum, stratum basale
This stratum consists of many class of dead squamous cells. A. Stratum lucidum B. Stratum spinosum C. Stratum granulosum D. Stratum basale E. Stratum corneum
. The layer of the epidermis in which there is the greatest amount that mitotic activity. A. Stratum granulosum B. Stratum corneum C. Stratum lucidum D. Stratum spinosum E. Stratum basale
This epidermal stratum has actually several layers of cells held together by desmosomes. A. Stratum granulosum B. Stratum spinosum C. Stratum lucidum D. Stratum basale E. Stratum corneum
What protein is discovered in the nails, hair, and epidermis? A. Keratin B. Collagen C. Melanin D. Elastin E. Carotene
This class is found only in special skin. A. Stratum corneum B. Stratum granulosum C. Stratum lucidum D. Stratum basale E. Stratum spinosum
Thick skin A. Has three different epidermal strata. B. Has fewer class of cell in the stratum corneum 보다 thin skin. C. Is uncovered in locations subject to press or friction such together palms. D. Is uncovered covering most of the body. E. Is figured out by the thickness that the dermis.
Thin skin has only four epithelial strata. That lacks i m sorry of the following? A. Stratum basale B. Stratum granulosum C. Stratum spinosum D. Stratum lucidum E. Stratum corneum
What will develop when the skin is subjected to excess friction or pressure? A. Papillae B. Stretch marks C. Callus D. Melanoma E. Carcinoma
Skin shade is the result of the A. Lot of fat in the hypodermis. B. Quantity of melanin in the skin. C. Number of melanocytes in the skin. D. Number of keratinocytes in the skin. E. Thickness that the stratum basale.
Melanin production have the right to be affected by A. Genetics. B. Hormones. C. Exposure to sunlight. D. Pregnancy. E. All of these choices are correct.
Melanin A. Is moved to other cells through osmosis. B. Is lacking in people known as albinos. C. Is a pigment produced by cells in the stratum corneum. D. Renders the skin lighter. E. Is raised with exposure come infrared light
Which that the following statements regarding melanin is true? A. Guys produce an ext melanin 보다 women. B. In Addison"s disease, much less melanin is produced. C. Throughout pregnancy melanin production is increased. D. Both melanocytes and keratinocytes create melanin. E. Melanin is a white pigment.
Light-skinned gyeongju such as Caucasians have actually A. Around the same variety of melanocytes as races through darker skins. B. An ext melanocytes than races through darker skins. C. Fewer melanocytes 보다 races v darker skins. D. Much more melanin in their skin. E. A various kind the melanin in your skin.
The blue shade of superficial blood vessels outcomes from A. A lack of oxygen in the blood. B. The light-scattering nature of collagen. C. The superficial ar of skin pigments. D. Rise in arterial blood turn around in the area. E. A absence of melanin in the area.
The bluish tint of skin because of a reduction of oxygen in the blood is called A. Desquamation. B. Hemolysis. C. Cyanosis. D. Carotenosis. E. Albinism.
Exposure to ultraviolet light reasons the skin come darken by stimulating the A. Breakdown of carotene. B. Malfunction of melanin. C. Activity of the keratinocytes. D. Task of the enzyme tyrosinase. E. Buildup the bilirubin.
This condition involves the advancement of white job on the skin brought about by the lose of melanocytes. A. Psoriasis B. Decubitus ulcer C. Eczema D. Bullae E. Vitiligo
A yellow pigment acquired from plants that have the right to impart a yellow color to the skin is A. Albinism. B. Cyanosis. C. Carotene. D. Dermatitis. E. Melanosomes.
A genetic an illness characterized by the i can not qualify to create melanin is A. Cyanosis. B. Melanosomes. C. Albinism. D. Carotene. E. Dermatitis.
The vesicles that contain melanin space A. Cyanosis. B. Carotene. C. Dermatitis. D. Albinism. E. Melanosomes.
Melanin is created only through A. Keratinocytes. B. Langerhans cells. C. Melanocytes. D. Basal cells. E. Merkel"s cells.
A victim the an vehicle accident goes right into shock, which outcomes in lessened blood flow. The victim"s skin will A. Have actually a reddish hue. B. Not change color. C. Become bright red. D. Come to be pale. E. Build a yellow tint.
The skin discoloration most most likely to an outcome from liver an illness is A. Cyanosis. B. Jaundice. C. Hematoma. D. Pallor. E. Erythema.
Cedric slipped and also cut his finger. The cut bled, however did not pass through to the hypodermis. The deepest great penetrated to be the A. Stratum corneum. B. Papillary layer of the dermis. C. Stratum spinosum. D. Stratum basale. E. Stratum granulosum.
. Inflammation that the skin is dubbed dermatitis or A. Psoriasis. B. Vitiligo. C. Bullae. D. Eczema. E. Decubitus ulcer.
Stretch marks develop on the abdomen the pregnant women due to the fact that of stretching and rupture that the A. Epidermis. B. Melanocytes. C. Stratum corneum. D. Hypodermis. E. Dermis.
Which that the complying with is one inflammatory problem of the skin? A. Dermatitis. B. Albinism. C. Melanosomes. D. Carotene. E. Cyanosis.
The dermis A. Does no contain connective tissue. B. Is separated into three distinctive layers. C. Features as padding and also insulation. D. Includes no blood vessels. E. Is responsible for most of the skin"s structure strength.
Vitamin C is crucial for normal collagen synthesis. If a son suffered native a vitamin C deficiency, which layer that the skin would be most affected? A. Epidermis B. Stratum basale C. Stratum corneum D. Stratum granulosum E. Reticular layer of dermis
Rupturing the dermis may reason these come develop. A. Reticular great B. Papillary class C. Hypodermis D. Epidermis E. Large marks
This is the dermal layer closest to the epidermis. A. Epidermis B. Reticular layer C. Papillary great D. Stretch clues E. Hypodermis
This is the key fibrous layer of the dermis. A. Hypodermis B. Stretch clues C. Reticular layer D. Papillary layer E. Epidermis
When compare the dermis through the hypodermis, the dermis A. Is a more vascular tissue than the hypodermis. B. And also the hypodermis carry out not contain collagen. C. Includes melanocytes; the hypodermis walk not. D. Is separated into 2 layers; the hypodermis is not. E. Has an ext fat cells than the hypodermis
If friend accidentally cut your arm and also see connective tissue and fat, i beg your pardon layer(s) was/were cut? A. Stratum corneum B. Stratum basale C. Dermis D. Hypodermis E. All of these layers
A subcutaneous injection it is intended medication right into the A. Joint. B. Dermis. C. Hypodermis. D. Muscle. E. Epidermis.
Adipose tissue in the hypodermis A. Offers protection against infection. B. Serves together a storage site for fat, which can be provided for energy. C. Connects the dermis through the epidermis. D. Is lacking in infants. E. Helps to reduced body temperature.
Which that the adhering to statements worrying the hypodermis is false? A. The hypodermis attaches the skin to underlying bone and muscle. B. Hypodermis is created of dense connective tissue with collagen and also elastin fibers. C. Hypodermis is referred to as subcutaneous tissue. D. The key cell types of the hypodermis are fibroblasts, fat cells, and also macrophages. E. The hypodermis is a website of fat storage.
This is the site of fat warehouse in the skin. A. Epidermis B. Papillary layer C. Reticular great D. Hypodermis E. Large marks
Delicate unpigmented hairs the cover the fetus in early advancement are called A. Terminal hairs. B. Secondary hairs. C. Major hairs. D. Vellus hairs. E. Lanugo hairs.
At birth the hairs of the scalp, eyelids, and eyebrows are changed by coarser pigmented hairs referred to as A. Lanugo hairs. B. Primary hairs. C. Pubic hairs. D. Vellus hairs. E. Terminal hairs.
Which the the complying with statements is true? A. Hair in the axillary region is vellus hair after ~ puberty. B. At puberty, much of the vellus hair is replaced with terminal hair. C. Both vellus and terminal hairs are pigmented. D. In males, the hair of the beard space vellus hairs. E. The bulk of hair on the chest is vellus hair.
. The portion of a hair the protrudes above the surface of the skin is the A. Hair root. B. Hair follicle. C. Hair shaft. D. Hair bulb. E. Dermal papilla.
Which the the adhering to statements is true? A. The hair follicle has a hypodermal source sheath. B. Both the hair root and also hair obelisk contain life cells. C. The matrix creates the hair surface. D. The hair follicle is not connected with sebaceous glands. E. Undamaged hair follicles can help regenerate damaged epithelium.
The length of hair is established by the A. Dimension of the hair bulb. B. Age of the person. C. Length of the relaxing stage. D. Edge of the hair root. E. Rate of hair growth.
. Baldness A. Occurs only in men. B. Is more common in guys than in women. C. Is not genetic. D. Is regarded estrogen levels. E. Is regarded levels of development hormone.
All of the adhering to statements worrying hair are true other than one. Determine the exception. A. In pattern baldness, those hair follicles present start to develop vellus hair. B. Hair expansion occurs in cycles, v growth and resting stages. C. Part loss of hair is normal and also indicates old hairs room being moved out by new hairs. D. Hereditary factors and also testosterone cause pattern baldness. E. The development rate that all species of hair is the same.

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The external surface of the hair is referred to as the A. Medulla. B. Shaft. C. Hair bulb. D. Cuticle. E. Root.