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This page includes Fire Emblem: zero Dragon cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have actually 8 cheats in our list, which has 3 cheats codes, 2 unlockables, 3 secrets. Us hope information that you"ll discover at this page assist you in play Fire Emblem: shadow Dragon ~ above Nintendo DS platform. If girlfriend didn"t find needed cheats put request or asking question around this in ~ special section of the game. Likewise you have the right to subscribe ~ above all brand-new cheats the we"ll uncover for girlfriend in the future!

Gordon (Archer) Last component of tutorial → Enemy, talk v Marth (Automatically indigenous the begin if you"re playing difficult mode) Riff (Priest) chapter 1 → Visit the western town with Marth Kashim (Hunter) chapter 2 → Enemy, talk through Sheeda Daros (Pirate) chapter 2 → Enemy, talk with Marth Navarre (Myrmidon) chapter 3 → Enemy, talk with Sheed Marich (Mage) thing 4 → Visit the northern town with Marth Machis (Cavalier) thing 4 → Enemy, talk v Rena Wendel (Sage) thing 5 → Enemy, talk through Marth or Marich Ricardo (Thief) chapter 6 → Enemy, talk with Marth or Julian Athena (Myrmidon) chapter 6x → Visit the village with Marth Banutu (Mamkute) thing 7 → Visit the village with Marth roger (Knight) chapter 8 → Enemy, talk v Sheeda George (Sniper) chapter 9 → Visit the town with Marth Maria (Cleric) chapter 10 → Enemy, talk v Marth Minerva (Dragon Knight) Chaper 10 → Enemy, talk through Marth, and also must have recruited Maria Linda (Mage) chapter 11 → Visit the village with Marth Jake (Shooter) chapter 11 → Enemy, talk through Sheeda, must have visited village where Anna is (In exact same Chapter) Horus (General) thing 12x → clear the chapter without death him Beck (Shooter) chapter 13 → Visit the town with Marth Astria (Hero) thing 13 → Enemy, talk through Midia Paola (Pegasus Knight) chapter 14 → Enemy, talk v Marth Katua (Pegasus Knight) thing 14 → Enemy, talk through Marth Alan (Paladin) chapter 16 → Visit the village to the left v Marth Samson (Hero) chapter 16 → Visit the town to the ideal with Marth (Can only recruit either Samson or Alan no both) Chainy (Commando) thing 16 → Enemy, talk v Marth Etzel (Sorcerer) chapter 17x → clean the thing without killing him Est (Pegasus Knight) chapter 18 → Enemy, talk with Marth Chiki (Mamkute) thing 19 → Enemy, talk through Banutu Lawrence (General) thing 20 → Enemy, talk through Marth or Sheeda Hymir (Warrior) thing 20x → Talk through Marth and also complete the thing Ellis (Cleric) thing 24 → instantly from the begin Nagi (Mamkute) thing 24x → clear the chapter Gato (Sage) last Chapter → immediately from the start (Only if girlfriend didn"t go to thing 24x) Norne → finish Prologue IV v 4 or less characters in the party. Norne (Archer) → complete Prologue IV with 4 or less characters in the party.